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Why is America So Messed Up? (with Lee Camp)
Lee Camp is a comedian and political analyst who hosts the hilarious television show "Redacted Tonight," where he points out the absurd, the unjust, and the corrupt on both sides of the political spectrum.
Let's Save Democracy! Breaking the Doom Loop, Before It's Too Late
In this thought-provoking talk, author Jim Duncan picks Lee Drutman's brain on why moving to a multi-party system in America is essential if we wish to keep our democracy alive
Transcending Political Division (with Americans for Prosperity's Nick Reed)
Jim is joined by Americans for Prosperity grassroots organizer, Nick Reed. The two discuss the intersection of the individual with politics, how to move past polarization, and whether conscious-capitalism or socialism is the way forward.
How to Break the Two-Party Duopoly (with IVN Editor Shawn Griffiths)
This episode's conversation is with Independent Voter News' National Editor, Shawn Griffiths. Shawn is an election reform expert with years of experience in providing unbiased and non-partisan political news and fighting for reform.
Healing America (with Dr. Andrea Molberg)
Dr. Andrea Molberg has also authored a guidebook to help politically polarized Americans get along, called the “Emergency Kit for Finding Common Ground."
What the Heck is LIBERTARIANISM? (With Marc Clair)
Jim and Marc have a great discussion about what Libertarianism is, whether Trump was a libertarian or not, and what the future of promoting "liberty" is within an increasingly rigged political system.