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Idaho Top 4 Initiative with Ranked Choice Voting Certified for November Ballot
The Idaho secretary of state announced this week that Idahoans for Open Primaries turned in enough signatures for its ballot initiative to end the state's closed primary system.
11 July, 2024
Hubert Humphrey
Democrats Have Replaced an Unpopular Incumbent Before; It Didn't Work Out
The 90-minute faceplant that was Joe Biden’s performance in the CNN presidential debate did little to dispel notions that he might be too old to serve another term as president. Footage of Jill Biden escorting him down the two steps of the debate stage didn’t help either.
11 July, 2024
ballot box
Richmond, Calif. Will Vote on Ranked Choice Voting in November
The Richmond City Council unanimously approved a ballot measure for November in a 5-0 vote that authorizes the use of ranked choice voting (RCV) for mayor and city council elections. 
10 July, 2024
Kennedy's Campaign Says It Has Gathered Signatures Needed for 27 States
The last couple of weeks have been eventful for independent candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr, who may not have been invited to the CNN presidential debate but continues to rack up ballot access victories across the US.
09 July, 2024
electoral college
The Partisan Perspective: Your Choice in November is Between Sunscreen and Skin Cancer
In a system that was designed to perpetuate a zero-sum contest between two sides, the stakes get higher each election cycle to convince people they have to cast their ballot a certain way “or else.”
08 July, 2024
Gallup: Majority of Voters Declare Their Political Independence
Gallup generally finds that independent voter ID falls between 40 to 50 percent of the electorate. However, 4 months out from November, the latest numbers show 51% of Americans now identify as independent of the two major parties. 
05 July, 2024
2024 ballot
New Documentary Asks: What If Party Bosses Didn't Control How We Vote?
In 2022, Alaska voters used a new election system that changed the way state voters thought about elections.
03 July, 2024
District of Columbia
Can A DC Campaign Bring Political Accountability and Inclusion to A One-Party Town?
It goes without saying that the District of Columbia is a one-party town. Out of the 13 seats that compose the DC City Council, 11 are held by Democrats, and the other two are held by officials registered as independent.
02 July, 2024
The Fight Continues: Veterans Work to Improve Elections for a More Perfect Union
Imagine this: A general election with no negative campaigning and four or five viable candidates (regardless of party affiliation) competing based on their own personal ideas and actions — not simply their level of obstruction or how well they demonize their opponents.
02 July, 2024
Trump and Biden Debates
Voters Agree CNN Debate Was a Trainwreck... And It Is a Reflection of US Elections
"It was a sad day for the country." Many voters have shared this exact sentiment in the days following the June 27 CNN presidential debate.
01 July, 2024
DC Campaign to Submit Over 40K Signatures for Open Primaries, Ranked Choice Voting
A DC campaign has collected more than 40,000 signatures to put an initiative on the city’s ballot that would open primary elections to independent voters and implement ranked choice voting in all District elections.
28 June, 2024
Virtual Discussion: Who Are Independent Voters?
By the end of 2023, the average percentage of Americans that self-identified as independent was at 43%, which tied a record high set in 2017. However, even in an election year, this percentage isn't dropping.
27 June, 2024
Ahead of CNN Debate, 71% of Voters Are Not Happy
A Harvard CAPS / Harris poll in May found that 71% of Americans want an independent or third-party candidate on the presidential debate stage. Yet, the rules for CNN's June 27 debate were set up to never allow more than two.
26 June, 2024
US Capitol
Only 5% of Voters Will Decide Who Represents VA's 5th District
Last week, Virginia’s GOP held primaries for the upcoming House elections in November. As of today, the results for the state’s 5th congressional district are still too close to call.
26 June, 2024
Frank Barry
Bloomberg Editor Frank Barry: 'We've Designed a Government for Dysfunction, Polarization, and Extremism'
Bloomberg editor and author Frank Barry bought an RV and drove across the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway to connect the coasts, to explore the diverse landscape and people of the United States. 
24 June, 2024
Kennedy: My Exclusion from CNN Debate is ‘Undemocratic, Un-American, and Cowardly’
US voters awoke Thursday to the news that the June 27 CNN presidential debate stage had been set. The network had its promotions ready for two candidates -- and only two candidates.
21 June, 2024
US Capitol
'Democracy' or 'Republic': The Debate Distracts from A Much Larger Problem
Once again, the US finds itself having a familiar discussion. Some people will use the term “democracy” to refer to the US, and then there will inevitably be some who respond with, “We’re not a democracy; we’re a republic.”
20 June, 2024
white house
Should A Candidate's Age Matter in Presidential Elections?
Government positions serve as forums for innovation and change. Younger people have new insights and ideas, and they are frequently more aware of the changing societal needs and developments in technology.
19 June, 2024
Gov. Lamont
Gov. Lamont: Growing Consensus of Conn. Voters Favor Ranked Choice Voting
Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont formed a task force this month to come up with a comprehensive legislative proposal by the end of the year that would enable state municipalities and parties to use ranked choice voting (RCV).
18 June, 2024
New Poll Shows Kennedy Tied with Biden in Utah; Will Appear in First Debate?
For the first time in decades, an independent presidential candidate has caught up to one of the two establishment parties in a statewide poll.
17 June, 2024
Poll Shows Strong Support for 'Top Two' Measure in South Dakota
A recent poll shows that 55% of South Dakota voters support Amendment H, which if approved in November will implement a nonpartisan, top-two primary in the state similar to systems used in California and Washington.
13 June, 2024
Arizona Initiative: Parties Can Either Accept Open Primaries or Pay for Them
Arizona is ground zero for a novel approach to voting reform that is not getting any attention from the national press, but could have tremendous implications for future elections and provide a fairer process for all voters -- regardless of their political affiliation. 
12 June, 2024
Sumpter and Yang
Yang Speaks With FairVote's CEO About the Future of Ranked Choice Voting
It goes without saying that most voters are dissatisfied with the state of US politics. Hyper-polarization and division are at their worst levels in modern history and nothing is getting done to actually help the American people.
10 June, 2024
vote sticker
Governor Polis Signs Bill That Suppresses the Voice of Colorado Voters
Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed an elections bill Thursday that will make it harder for voters to create an electoral system that offers more choice to voters, regardless of their political affiliation.
10 June, 2024
Why I’m Voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr for President
I’m a lifelong Democrat. I served for more than 20 years in the California Legislature and as Director of Finance under a Democratic governor. I supported and financially contributed to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Amy Klobuchar in 2020.
07 June, 2024
Thomas Massie
Congress' 'Mr. No' Thomas Massie to Moderate Free and Equal Presidential Debate
The Free and Equal Election Foundation is slated to host its second presidential debate of 2024 on July 12, and it will be co-moderated by a member of Congress who is no stranger to challenging the status quo.
07 June, 2024
Santa Clara Could Be First CA County to Adopt Ranked Choice Voting
The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors may consider implementing ranked choice voting (RCV) for county elections in August. If it moves forward with the change, Santa Clara would be the 9th jurisdiction to approve its use – and would be the first to approve it for county elections.
05 June, 2024
As the 2024 Election Draws Closer, Independent Voters Defy Partisan Expectations
Gallup has found that even as the US gets closer to November, the percentage of Americans that identify as independent has remained unchanged – at around 45%
04 June, 2024
Amendments Snuck Into Co. Elections Bill to Thwart the Will of Voters
A bill is currently on Colorado Gov. Jared Polis’ desk that if signed into law would place barriers on the will of the people being carried out should they approve nonpartisan primaries and a ranked voting method in November. 
03 June, 2024
Trump and Biden Debate
RFK to FEC: CNN Illegally Colluded with Biden, Trump Campaigns
Robert F. Kennedy Jr filed a complaint with the FEC this week, alleging that CNN has illegally colluded with the Trump and Biden campaigns to ensure presidential debates favor the two major parties -- and only the two major parties.
30 May, 2024
Texas Capitol Building
Texas GOP Approves Party Rule Change to Close Primary Elections
For anyone who thinks party rules are not put above state law or the will of voters -- look no further than Texas. 
29 May, 2024
Montana Initiatives Add to Growing Demand for Fairer Primaries, More Choice in Elections
Montana may be on the verge of joining a growing movement across the country to give voters a fairer elections process that offers more choice and greater accountability. 
28 May, 2024
RFK Jr Still Sees Path to First Presidential Debate
Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign announced Friday that Kennedy has cleared 3 of 4 polls he needs to be at 15% in order to qualify for CNN’s debate stage on June 27 -- a debate that will solely be sponsored by the cable news network. 
27 May, 2024
San Diego
POLL: San Diego Voters Dissatisfied with Government, Want More Choices
The late Peter Ackerman, an expert in nonviolent civil resistance and a driving force behind reform efforts like Maine’s “More Voice” initiatives, said that even the best ideas are accepted in stages:
24 May, 2024
South Dakota Voters Will Vote on 'Top Two' Primary in November
A proposed amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to require a nonpartisan primary system in which all voters and candidates participate on a single ballot has been certified for the November ballot.
24 May, 2024
Friday Ellis
Independent La. Mayor Finds Success Not Because of Ideology, But Because He Actually Puts Voters First
Concerning his initial election in 2020, Monroe, Louisiana independent Mayor Ellis could have been written off as a fluke. He defeated nearly two-decade incumbent Jamie Mayo, who like 64 percent of the population is black and like 54 percent of the electorate is a Democrat.
22 May, 2024
Good Party
Good Party: A Free Resource to Help Independents Take on the Two-Party Duopoly
In his most recent podcast, former presidential candidate and Forward Party Co-Founder Andrew Yang sat down with Farhad Mohit, the founder of Good Party, a suite of tools offered to independent candidates attempting to overcome the two-party duopoly.
20 May, 2024
Funding Problems Plague Oakland's New 'Democracy Dollars' Program
Nearly three-quarters of Oakland voters (74%) approved an initiative in 2022 that took a comprehensive approach to campaign finance solutions in the city. However, one of its historic changes is in need of funding if it is going to be implemented by 2026; namely, its "democracy dollars" public finance system.
17 May, 2024
Trump-Biden Debate
Did the Major Party Campaigns Just End the Commission on Presidential Debates?
President Joe Biden’s campaign issued a challenge to former President Donald Trump Wednesday to two debates: One in June and one in September. The debates have to be hosted by a news outlet and will not be conducted in front of a crowd.
15 May, 2024
Oregon Capitol Building
Only 7% of Voters Have Returned Ballots in Oregon's Closed Primaries
Imagine being part of the largest segment of the registered voting population and being denied the right to an equal vote in elections. Well, millions of voters across the US don't have to imagine this because it is a reality for them in every election cycle. 
14 May, 2024
Chula Vista
POLL: Nearly Two-Thirds of Chula Vista Voters Want to Change the Way They Vote
A recent poll conducted by Competitive Edge research with funding by More Choice San Diego found that 62% of voters in Chula Vista -- if given the opportunity -- would support a measure that would advance five candidates to a general election that uses ranked ballots.
13 May, 2024
Adding Ranked Choice Voting to Presidential Elections Could Happen by 2028
Imagine it’s election night 2024. A few close swing states will decide the presidency – and test the health of our democracy. In that scenario, we can be certain of two facts: Neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump will win a majority of the vote, and votes for independent and third-party candidates will dwarf the final margin.
13 May, 2024
two parties
Democrat-Led Lawsuit Kills Independent Redistricting Initiatives in Nevada
The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday upheld the ruling of a lower district court that two identical ballot questions that would create an independent redistricting commission were invalid because sponsors did not add a revenue source to either initiative.
11 May, 2024
Independent Voters Are Many Things -- A Myth Isn't One of Them
Open Primaries continued its ongoing virtual discussion series Tuesday with a conversation on independent voters, who they are, and why we have a system that actively suppresses their voices at every level of elections and government.
08 May, 2024
RFK Jr Challenges Trump to Debate; Calls Out 'Fake Polls'
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy extended a challenge Tuesday to former President Donald Trump to debate him at the Libertarian National Convention at the end of May.
07 May, 2024
South Dakota Capitol Building
South Dakota Open Primaries Submits 47K Signatures to Get Nonpartisan Primary Reform on the Ballot
One week after the Idahoans for Open Primaries coalition submitted roughly 30,000 more signatures than they needed to get a nonpartisan top-four primary system on the ballot, South Dakota Open Primaries met the required number of signatures in their own state to put a top-two system before voters.
07 May, 2024
US flag
FairVote's David Daley Responds to RFK Jr's 'No Spoiler Pledge': There's A Better Way
David Daley, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan better elections group FairVote, released a statement Wednesday on Robert F Kennedy Jr's "no spoiler pledge," calling it "weird" and "unproven."
02 May, 2024
RFK Jr Says True Spoiler in 2024 Election Should Drop Out -- But It's Not Him
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr made an unprecedented announcement Wednesday: He challenged President Biden to take a "no spoiler pledge," which he will also take with one major stipulation.
01 May, 2024
Washington DC
Top Maine Lawmaker Advocates Electoral Change Solely to Spite the 'Other Side'
In April, Maine Gov. Janet Mills gave the OK for her state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This is a proposal that garners mixed reactions from the public, and support or opposition can largely fall on party lines.
01 May, 2024
'Final Four' Primary Initiative in Idaho Set for Ballot Approval
An initiative that would ensure equal voting rights for 270,000 independent voters in Idaho is all but certain to qualify for the November ballot. The Idahoans for Open Primaries coalition exceeded 90,000 signatures for its "Final Four" elections initiative days before the May 1 deadline.
30 April, 2024
Dan Osborn
Meet the Independent Who Is Beating An Incumbent Senator in Nebraska
Can an independent problem solver break through the partisan narrative and structure of the nation's elections and politics? Mechanic, soldier, and union leader Dan Osborn is running for US Senate in Nebraska with that goal in mind. 
29 April, 2024
White House
No Labels' Failed Presidential Math and Why It Should Focus Its Efforts on Reforming the System Instead
Earlier this month, No Labels officially ended its plans to field a bipartisan “Unity Ticket” in the 2024 presidential election. While most campaigns end due to a lack of voter support or funding, No Labels’s campaign suffered the unique problem of lacking a candidate.
26 April, 2024
2024 ballot
Pew: Half of US Voters Would Replace Trump AND Biden on the Ballot If Given Chance
US voters are largely unhappy with the options the two major parties have given them in the 2024 presidential election. While Hillary Clinton says these voters need to get over themselves, Pew Research has found that she is talking to most of the country.
25 April, 2024
Breaking Down the Numbers: Independent Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania held its primary elections Tuesday, which effectively acted as the general election in most cases. However, statewide, over a million voters had to sit on the sidelines because of the state's closed primary rules.
24 April, 2024