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Shouting 'FIRE' in a crowded democracy! (with Adam Goldstein)

Created: 24 March, 2021
Updated: 14 August, 2022
1 min read

The ever-increasing battle over free speech is becoming a powerful dividing line for Americans. Is anyone allowed to say anything? Or are there certain words and ideas too dangerous to ever be uttered?

If you've ever wondered about the concept of free speech in modern America, this is great discussion to listen to. Adam Goldstein is the Senior Research Counsel to the President of the non-profit Freedom of Individual Rights in Education or FIRE.

FIRE is a non-partisan organization fighting to protect the First Amendment rights of everyone, regardless of political, religious, or personal beliefs or affiliations. In this fantastic discussion, Adam and Jim cover many controversial subjects including the history of free speech on college campuses, the ways other countries view free speech, race, cancel culture, and recent important American cultural shifts in thinking and ideology.

Leave your biases at the door, and listen in to hopefully gain a deeper perspective on what free speech is, why it's important, and what the common ground is we can all agree upon. ...Or don't, whatever, it's really up to you...