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Your Big-Tech Dystopian Nightmare Has Arrived! (Investigative Journalist Geoff Cain Interview)

Created: 15 February, 2022
Updated: 14 August, 2022
1 min read

(Interview Begins at 15:30)

Geoff Cain's new book, The Perfect Police State, details how the Chinese Communist Party is already operating a high-tech system in the Xinjiang region able to congeal all those different dystopian nightmares into one highly-efficient real-life horror show, which is not only ahead of schedule and already in operation, but exceeding all pure-evil expectations of crushing human will and enslaving entire populations.

Geoffrey Cain is an investigative journalist who has infiltrated numerous authoritarian regimes including Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba for his reporting to appear in prestigious publications such as the Financial Times and The Economist. In this interview, Geoff details his extensive undercover investigation into the workings and ramifications of the artificial intelligence surveillance system of the Xinjiang area by visiting it, as well as interviewing numerous Chinese escapees and tech experts.

Through his courageous work, Geoff discovered the Chinese Communist Party has already figured out how to combine the greatest hits of Communisms' past like torture, re-education centers, and getting citizens to turn each other over to the authorities, with new cutting-edge technological twists such as artificial intelligence, digital payments, and social credit scores, to create the most horrifically efficient population enslavement system of all time.

The book is a ground-breaking work of investigative journalism, which is not only packed full of substance on how the entire system works, but emotionally gut-wrenching, as it is told through the eyes of those real-life people experiencing its horrors. Please give this episode a listen, share it, and then buy a copy of Geoff's book, so we can hopefully force more mainstream discussion of this topic, before the same hellish system ends up spreading out of Xinjiang and around the world.