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Independent Voter Guide to the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary
The South Carolina Republican presidential primary is scheduled for Saturday, February 24. It's an open primary, meaning any registered state voter can participate as long as they did not vote in the February 3 Democratic presidential primary.
20 February, 2024
Over 23.5 Million Independent Voters Are Disenfranchised in 2024 Primaries, Study Finds
As the US kicks off the 2024 presidential election cycle, more than 23.5 million registered independent voters find themselves sidelined by closed presidential primaries in 22 states, a recent report from the Unite America Institute reveals.
13 February, 2024
two parties
Imperiling Democracy: The Two-Party System is Automating Voter Choice
As critical thinking skills become increasingly important in the era of artificial intelligence, our two-party political system is imperiling both democracy and the American workforce by automating voter choice, decreasing the value of human input and serving as a Chat GPT for everyday political conversations.
06 February, 2024
Bucking Historic Trends, Independent Voter ID Goes Up in 'High Stakes' Election Year
Independent voters are sending a message to the Republican and Democratic Parties: We are done playing your games.
31 January, 2024
Poll: La. Lawmakers Dismantle Nonpartisan Elections Supported by Two-Thirds of Voters
Louisiana, voters witnessed their legislature not only ignore their opinions on something as important as voter rights -- but lawmakers also spit in their faces.
23 January, 2024
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Gallup: Independent Numbers Dominate; Parties Continue to Slip
Gallup reports that in 2023 the percentage of US voters who self-identified as independent tied a record-high average of 43% -- first set in 2014. Meanwhile, party identification continues to slip. 
13 January, 2024
Pew: Only 4% of Americans Think US Political System Is Working 'Very Well'
US voters in greater numbers than ever before do not trust the political process. In fact, according to a comprehensive study from Pew, “just 4% of U.S. adults say the political system is working extremely or very well.”
16 October, 2023
Nonpartisan Voters Now Outnumber Democrats and Republicans in Nevada
The latest voter registration data in Nevada shows that nonpartisan voters have surpassed registered Democrats as the largest voting demographic in the state – a development that highlights the need for more representative elections for voters outside the major parties.
07 August, 2023
From Primaries to Administration, Arizonans Support Nonpartisan Elections
Four in five Arizona voters favor a nonpartisan primary system and nearly all voters believe election officials should function in a nonpartisan manner. This is according to a survey conducted by Arizona State University’s Center for an Independent and Sustainable Democracy. 
01 August, 2023
Most Americans Fear Worse "Fake News" in 2020, Survey Finds
Most US adults are concerned about the state of US media, for various reasons, and they expect things to get worse in 2020.
11 September, 2019
Survey Finds 60% of Independent Voters Oppose Trump Impeachment
Democrats looking to make any headway in the 2020 elections might do better to keep their message positive and constructive, rather than rancorous and partisan.
25 September, 2019
Reaction Poll: Roughly 60% of IVN Readers Want A GOP Debate
There is no greater example of how the two parties control the narrative than the presidential debates, and voters want more choices.
18 October, 2019