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Democrat-Led Lawsuit Kills Independent Redistricting Initiatives in Nevada
The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday upheld the ruling of a lower district court that two identical ballot questions that would create an independent redistricting commission were invalid because sponsors did not add a revenue source to either initiative.
11 May, 2024
UPDATE: Republican Insiders Sue to Take Redistricting Back from Michigan Voters
Michigan Republicans are at it again, trying to use the courts to block a citizens redistricting commission approved by an overwhelming majority of voters.
05 August, 2019
Supreme Court: Federal Court Will NOT Stop Partisan Gerrymandering
This time the case is out of Michigan, where a lower court ordered 34 legislative and congressional districts to be redrawn because the court found that the districts were drawn explicitly for the purpose of giving Republicans an advantage.
21 October, 2019
Supreme Court Reaffirms It Will Not Protect Voters from Partisan Gerrymandering
With all the news on impeachment updates, a news story that flew under the radar this week was the latest decision by the Supreme Court to punt on a gerrymandering case out of Ohio.
08 October, 2019