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Host T.J. O’Hara is IVN’s chief political analyst. O’Hara takes convoluted topics and difficult issues and “deconstructs” them with expert guests every two weeks. Listen for a fresh, independent perspective on today’s most critical topics.


The Pickle

Host John Opdycke, the President of Open Primaries, interviews political, reform, independent, business, creative, nonprofit, entrepreneurial, and cultural movers and shakers about “the pickle” we are in, as a country and as a world. For Opdycke, the pickle is found in our huge capacity to innovate within a system of underdevelopment and obsolescence of the partisan model.


Business of Politics

IVN Editor and host Lindsay France is based in D.C. and wades through the swamp to bring us the latest in the “business of politics.” France focuses on the money (the good kind as well as the bad) behind policies, political parties, and the candidates they put forward.


IVN San Diego: Powers’ Podcast

IVN San Diego Editor and host Jeff Powers is a seasoned reporter for local San Diego news (and 17-time Emmy award winner!). Powers explores local and state politics through the independent-minded perspective.


In Full Color

IVN’s In Full Color column editor, Shawn Griffiths, follows the reforms, lawsuits, candidates, and voters who are challenging the two-party duopoly. Griffiths’ podcast shares interviews and clips from discussions with election reform and independent leaders across the nation.


IVN Podcast Bytes

Short on time? Get the highlights in these quick “bytes” from the channel.