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The Independent Voter Network (IVN.us) is an open news platform for independent-minded authors and readers. The mission of IVN is to raise the level of civil discourse to a place where solutions are more persuasive than talking points, and participation is not conditioned on your party affiliation.

The current congressional approval rating is just over 10%, trust in the news media is under 30%, most importantly, voters are fleeing the parties in record numbers, with about HALF of Americans now describing themselves as independents. Still, with an increasingly partisan government and media, the voices of independent-minded Americans are not represented.

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The purpose of IVN.us is to provide unfiltered political news and policy analysis across the political spectrum. Unlike traditional media, IVN actively encourages writers and readers of differing political tendencies to engage in a constructive dialogue.


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 IVN is able to do this through our etiquette — a four point guideline to encourage constructive conversations.


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Meet the IVN Team

Shawn Griffiths, In Full Color Column Editor 


Shawn has covered political and election reform for several years on IVN. He uses his own knowledge and experience on the topic, and brings on experts to give readers an in-depth look at reform efforts from across the country they cannot find anywhere else. Shawn publishes his in-dept on his column, In Full Color. A native Texan, Shawn studied History and Philosophy at the University of North Texas, and has been an editor for IVN since 2012. He now lives in San Diego.

Jeff Powers, IVN San Diego Column Editor 


Jeff hosts “Powers Podcast” and the IVN Video Newscast with Lindsay France. Jeff covers local politics and the news stories that make San Diego the unique place it is. It’s something he has done for nearly two decades. First as a TV news anchor, reporter, and producer in San Diego, and now as an editor of IVN San Diego. Powers is a native San Diegan.

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Lindsay France, Business of Politics Column Editor


Along with serving as IVN’s business editor, Lindsay France covers the White House, Congress, and The Supreme Court. She also hosts the bi-monthly podcast “The Business of Politics”. Lindsay is a member of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers and a devoted volunteer with the ASPCA’s FIR Rescue Team.

Steven Moore, Medicated USA Column Editor


Steven is a former chief of staff to a member of the Ways and Means Committee in the House of Representatives and House leadership. Moore left D.C. when he realized the only time he got outside was to smoke a cigarette. Moore is an avid trail runner and was briefly an ultramarathoner, a status to which he intends to return. When he has to be indoors, Moore uses his healthcare policy knowledge for good by trying to help policymakers lower the costs of healthcare. Moore is based in San Diego and occasionally visits D.C.

T.J. O’Hara, Principal Political Analyst: T.J. represents IVN as its Principal Political Analyst, and is a valued advisor and writer, as well as the host of Deconstructed.  He’s the author of three books, hundreds of nationally published articles, and a frequent political commentator on radio and television.  T.J. has been a CEO and strategic consultant for a wide bandwidth of companies in the private sector. In 2012, he became the leading independent candidate for President of the United States and earned the venerable Whig Party’s first endorsement since the 1850s.  He currently lectures in both the public and private sectors on how to achieve transformative change and the behavioral neuroscience behind it.

Kaia Los Huertos, Social Media and Podcast Manager: Kaia focuses on media, outreach, and podcasts. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2015 with a B.A. in sociology, and dove into nonpartisan politics and election reform after volunteering on a partisan Congressional campaign in 2014. She served on the student boards of the Womyn’s Outreach Association, Student Diversity Commission, and a local Independent Voter Project Chapter. Currently, Kaia is a Voices for Children Court Appointed Special Advocate.

In addition to our editorial team, IVN is home to over 400 authors!

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