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Nonpartisan Coalition Asks Trump, Biden to Unmask Campaign Bundlers
Good-government groups are launching a new push for campaign finance transparency during the presidential campaign.
15 July, 2020
Good Government Groups Urge Biden to Create Commission on Trust in Democracy
At a time when democracy feels most fragile, in the wake of a divisive election fueled by disinformation and an insurrection at the Capitol, two good-government groups have a new proposal for restoring trust in democracy.
03 February, 2021
NYC Allowed to Move Forward with Its First Ranked Choice Election
New York City can move forward with its debut of ranked elections in seven weeks, because a state judge has turned back arguments the system would effectively disenfranchise minority voters.
19 December, 2020
New Jersey The First State to Reverse COVID-Inspired Swith to Vote-by-Mail
New Jersey has become the first state to back away from a pandemic-driven switch to conducting elections almost entirely remotely.
10 February, 2021
Pro-Voter Reform Groups Renew Unanswered Call for Support from Biden
Democracy reform advocates, still hoping for a significant statement of support from Joe Biden, have asked the president-elect to kick off the new year by pledging to prioritize their agenda.
06 January, 2021
Governor Hogan's Last Minute Attempt to Stop Democratic Gerrymander in Maryland
Gov. Larry Hogan is making one last effort to stymie partisan gerrymandering in Maryland before the next decade's election maps are drawn.
18 January, 2021