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What May Happen if We “Level the Playing Field” in Politics?
Alexandra Shapiro, J.D., and Peter Ackerman, Ph.D. join T. J. O’Hara, the host of Deconstructed, to discuss the incredible imbalance in our Nation’s presidential election that makes it almost impossible for independent and Third-Party candidates to gain any traction.
17 February, 2021
The Electoral College: An ‘Educated’ Discussion of its Pros and Cons
Chad Peace and Scott Greytak join T.J. O’Hara on Deconstructed to examine whether we should stick with the Electoral College, shift to a straight democratic vote, or entertain the consideration of something in-between.
30 December, 2020
‘Unequal’ Justice: Discriminating Against Discrimination
While we can celebrate the election of the first Black, subcontinental Asian, female Vice President, our Nation still struggles with discrimination based on a variety of suspect categories.
03 February, 2021
Presidential Debates: Ineffective or Informative?
The Commission on Presidential Debates (the “CPD”) has catered to establishment candidates for decades, denying the electorate of an exposure to legitimate alternative choices.
16 December, 2020