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San Diego Could Elect Its First Female City Attorney

by Juan Hernandez, published

SAN DIEGO, CALIF.Robert Hickey and Mara Elliott will face each other in the November election, taking the top two spots in the race to be San Diego's next city attorney. Rafael Castellanos, Gil Cabrera, and Bryan Pease got third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Hickey got 29.61% while Elliott secured 24.31%.

Robert Hickey, a veteran prosecutor for the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office, was the only Republican in the race. Facing no opposition among conservatives, Hickey’s advancement to the general election and being the top vote-getter was almost assured.

“We're going to have a message of a positive, better San Diego and that's going to take us all the way to victory in November,” he said.

With three other Democrats in the race, Mara Elliott had a contentious battle on her hands. The San Diego County Democratic Party decided to leave the candidates to fight it out amongst themselves after they decided not to make an endorsement, rating them all ‘acceptable.’

The only woman in the race, Mara serves as Deputy Chief City Attorney for the City of San Diego. She maintains that she is the only candidate with city attorney experience.

“I have relationships with these attorneys. I know their strengths. Same with our client, the City Council, and mayor. I know our laws, and the history of the decisions. I run the gamut of experience,” she said.

Even though she was out-raised by both Rafael Castellanos and Gil Cabrera, she is now looking forward to the fundraising calls.

“Before, they were painful. It’s about to be a completely different dynamic. People are giving me another look,” Elliott remarked.

On November 8, Hickey and Elliott will face each other in the general election.

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