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Can a Common Sense Party Bring Political Competition to California?
The California Common Sense Party is trying to introduce new political competition into California, not by pursuing an ideological agenda, but by appealing to voters from across the political spectrum who want to put practical policy before partisan politics.
11 September, 2019
2019 Anti-Corruption Awards Honors Three Political Disrupters
Over one hundred guests attended the event established 19 years ago to shine a spotlight on leaders in civic and political life who challenge the status quo and fight for systemic change.
04 November, 2019
Activote: A New App for Voters Who Care About the Future of our Republic
Activote is a new app that gives voters easier access to elections on their time.
28 October, 2019
Another Tea Party Is Brewing: This One Will Be Stormier
“History Doesn't Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes” – Mark Twain
30 December, 2020
INCREDIBLE: Third Party, Independent Representation Up 40% Since 2014
Voter distaste for both the Democratic Party and GOP seems to be at an all-time high. But candidate success outside the major parties remains elusive in Washington.
28 November, 2017
Web-Based Tool Announced to Bring Transparency to San Diego Campaigns
Determining who’s footing the bill for political campaigns and, consequently, who our elected officials are really serving, has long been a challenge for voters in our system of legalized corruption.
02 February, 2021
New Report: The Greatest Advantage in US Elections Is Not Incumbency, It's Partisanship
A new report from the nonpartisan group FairVote reinforces what it and other political reform advocates and experts have said for years: Partisanship is becoming the primary determinant of electoral outcomes in nearly every election.
20 December, 2020
VIDEO: Tulsi Says DNC, Corporate Media Are "Trying to Hijack Entire Election Process"
US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard says she is "seriously considering" boycotting the October 15 DNC debate.
10 October, 2019
Independents and Black Voters in Georgia Win the US Senate for the Democrats
It was quite an afternoon. While Washington DC police, accompanied by federal agents, were finally clearing the Capitol Building of renegade Trump protestors, 33-year-old former investigative journalist Jon Ossoff was declared the winner of the runoff election against...
07 January, 2021
Tulsi Gabbard Tells DNC Candidates to Stop Fundraising Off Impeachment
US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard tweeted Monday that candidates should stop fundraising off Trump impeachment, saying candidates doing this are "undermining credibility of inquiry in eyes of American people, further dividing our already fractured country."
30 September, 2019
Tulsi Claps Back at Hillary for Suggesting Russia Is Grooming Her For Third-Party Run
Hillary Clinton didn't drop Tulsi Gabbard's name, but the implication is clear -- And Tulsi was quick to respond.
18 October, 2019
Republicans Change Delegate Rules to Silence Trump Opposition
The parties are not giving voters much choice going into the 2020 presidential election.
03 October, 2019
Is Tulsi Considering An Independent Presidential Run?
Tulsi Gabbard says she will not seek re-election in Congress, focusing on her run for president. Is she planning to run as an independent?”
25 October, 2019
California Republicans Mimic Democrats on Ballot Harvesting
Ballot harvesting is going to be an issue in California once again in 2020, but this time Republicans are joining in.
30 October, 2019
How Andrew Yang Could End the Political Monopoly in NYC
Andrew Yang is about to drastically shake up the mayoral race in New York City, and it could be bad news for the Democratic establishment’s control over city elections.
23 December, 2020
Press Club Honors IVN's Carl Nettleton with Top Award for Journalism
Independent Voter News (IVN) is proud to announce that the San Diego Press Club has awarded one its own writers its top honor for excellence in journalism.
30 October, 2019
Federal Judge Stops California From Requiring Trump to Release His Tax Returns
There was good news for Republicans and the Trump team this week when a federal judge put a hold on the voter-suppression tactic.
20 September, 2019