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A Lonely Island of Liberty: What A Would-Be Assassin Tells Us About America's Divide
It takes a beautiful media mind to know how to turn a near-death experience into the ultimate photo op before the smoke has cleared from your would-be assassin’s rifle. Trump’s defiant fist in the air while chanting “Fight” embodied the spirit of his campaign and those who follow him.
21 July, 2024
Joe Biden
Opinion: Partisan Primaries Failed to Vet Joe Biden
This year’s Democratic Party presidential primary was a choreographed affair dubbed “Operation Bubble Wrap.” The rules were manipulated by party insiders to ensure Joe Biden would face no scrutiny and no competition. The idea that he should stay in the race because he “won the primary” is absurd. There was no primary. By design.
19 July, 2024
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Independent Voters Face Abuse and Intimidation in Tennessee Primaries
Last week, I recorded a podcast interview with Gabe Hart. Gabe lives in western Tennessee and is a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging voter suppression signs that are hung at every poll site in Tennessee on primary day.
16 July, 2024
Donald Trump
Trump's Chance to Temper the Hyperbolic Rhetoric
In the wake of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump, leaders on both sides of the aisle publicly called for unity and the tempering of extreme and hyperbolic language. But those calls have been better in theory, than practice.
15 July, 2024
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Disagree Better: Group of Governors Have Worked to Cool Down the Political Rhetoric
Following the assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump, leaders of both major political parties have called for unity and for a change to the venomous rhetoric in US politics. 
15 July, 2024
Does Partisanship Have Too Much Influence on SCOTUS?
The Supreme Court of the United States is a unique, hybrid political-legal institution. It is staffed by life-tenured judges who interpret a centuries-old document replete with imprecise text that the justices must apply to an ever-changing society.
12 July, 2024
Hubert Humphrey
Democrats Have Replaced an Unpopular Incumbent Before; It Didn't Work Out
The 90-minute faceplant that was Joe Biden’s performance in the CNN presidential debate did little to dispel notions that he might be too old to serve another term as president. Footage of Jill Biden escorting him down the two steps of the debate stage didn’t help either.
11 July, 2024
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The Partisan Perspective: Your Choice in November is Between Sunscreen and Skin Cancer
In a system that was designed to perpetuate a zero-sum contest between two sides, the stakes get higher each election cycle to convince people they have to cast their ballot a certain way “or else.”
08 July, 2024
The Fight Continues: Veterans Work to Improve Elections for a More Perfect Union
Imagine this: A general election with no negative campaigning and four or five viable candidates (regardless of party affiliation) competing based on their own personal ideas and actions — not simply their level of obstruction or how well they demonize their opponents.
02 July, 2024
Trump and Biden Debates
Voters Agree CNN Debate Was a Trainwreck... And It Is a Reflection of US Elections
"It was a sad day for the country." Many voters have shared this exact sentiment in the days following the June 27 CNN presidential debate.
01 July, 2024
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'Democracy' or 'Republic': The Debate Distracts from A Much Larger Problem
Once again, the US finds itself having a familiar discussion. Some people will use the term “democracy” to refer to the US, and then there will inevitably be some who respond with, “We’re not a democracy; we’re a republic.”
20 June, 2024
Why I’m Voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr for President
I’m a lifelong Democrat. I served for more than 20 years in the California Legislature and as Director of Finance under a Democratic governor. I supported and financially contributed to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Amy Klobuchar in 2020.
07 June, 2024
6 Ways to Have Agency — and Harness the Facts — in the Post-Truth Era
We can no longer deny that we are living in a post-truth era. It is real, and it has tragic consequences. But the situation is not hopeless.
07 October, 2019
California, US Problems Need Middle-Ground Solutions
Centrist solutions exist to many of California’s and our nation’s problems. Politics makes it easier to attack an opponent’s position than to advance one’s own, however.
28 December, 2020
Fixing the News: The Power of Solutions Journalism
Changing your media diet is like changing your food diet. To make it sustainable, it is not enough to leave out unhealthy items. Much more important is to focus on what is actually good for us.
19 September, 2019
Death and Seeds of New Beginnings
In the midst of a pandemic with social and political unrest, a violent effort to intimidate Congress and threats of violence at state capitals, I keep thinking about new beginnings.
15 January, 2021
OPINION: The Best Antidote to Trumpism is More Democracy
It has become clear that there is not even close to the 2/3 majority needed in the Senate to vote to convict. While the House vote to impeach helped the Democrats shape the post capitol incursion, post inaugural narrative, it has left the Democratic leadership “all dressed up...
01 February, 2021
Why California Should Learn from Maine and Not Alaska on Electoral Reform
Looking at our recent polarized presidential elections — and even the politicization of wearing masks (to combat COVID-19) — it’s easy to say that the partisan divide in our country has never been greater. 
28 December, 2020
On Moderation
Without the tempering influence of moderation, the public face of politics is dissolved into banal drama. Extremists engage in theatrical behavior by demonizing their foes in bitterly careless terms.
26 January, 2021
Voters Deserve to Have Faith in the Electoral Process
The reality is millions of voters do not have faith in the electoral process. There are many voters who believe fraud took place. There are many more who feel their voices were silenced or discarded completely.
17 December, 2020
In the Upcoming Presidential Election, Can We Stop Demonizing “The Other”?
With unconscious biases driving our perceptions, and political rhetoric and a flood on information fueling our animosity, the level of societal incivility continues to heighten. Here are some ways to break the cycle.
18 September, 2019
OPINION: Forget Court Packing; We Need to Talk About Limiting Judicial Review
Judicial review does not appear in the Constitution. As former Justice Antonin Scalia admitted, “The Constitution of the United States nowhere says that the Supreme Court shall be the last word on what the Constitution means…"
28 October, 2020
OPINION: Why Voter Reform Trumps Impeachment
Here are four reasons voter reform is a far better, and more permanent solution to the problems the most earnest Democrats are hoping to solve by impeaching Donald Trump.
11 October, 2019
OPINION: Democrats Are Killing Their Chances With Independent Voters
Instead of trying to manipulate voters into thinking something they clearly don’t think is true -- that Donald Trump is too conservative -- Democrats would do better to advance a candidate that’s not too liberal.
17 September, 2019
Admit It, Dems: You Don't Want to Win in 2020
The knock from Republicans, Never-Trumpers and moderate Dems is that most of the 2020 candidates are too far to the left and out of touch. Last week’s display confirmed it. This was a definitive example of a party controlled by its fringe elements, preferring purity over victory.
18 September, 2019
Baby, It’s Cold Inside
I watched the TV coverage of the opening session of the 116th Congress and was happy to see all the inspired women in jewel-toned dresses, many young, some of color, taking their places...
09 January, 2019
Poor Bernie
12 June, 2019