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UnRig It: "There's Something Rotten in Denmark!"
The system is rigged against voters at every institutional level, but the reform movement is building momentum going into 2020 and beyond.
18 September, 2019
A Trump Delegate and Sanders-Endorsed Progressive Walk Into a Diner...
On this episode of UnRig It, IVN Network editor Shawn Griffiths is joined by filmmakers Hemal Trivedi and Jonah Markowitz to discuss their new documentary film Battleground.
12 February, 2021
Why Are We Denying 30 Million Citizens Their Right to Vote?
National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers Executive Director Jim Jonas and his October guests talk about the collaborative efforts underway to create a healthier democratic process and the consequences for shutting out independents.
16 October, 2019
A New Promise to America
29 September, 2021