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The Independent Voter Network provides a news platform for independent writers.

Are you a journalist, blogger, public official, or civic leader? We make publishing on IVN easy. All you have to do is fill out a few questions below, and sit back. An IVN editor will contact you shortly.

When publishing on IVN you benefit from:

  • Our strong reputation as a recognized news source in search engines like Google News
  • Our experienced editors
  • Additional editorial support with things like SEO optimization and promotion on social media

Regular writers who have proven an understanding of the etiquette guidelines will be rewarded with increased editorial autonomy.

No more trying to beg some journalist or partisan news organization to pick up your story. No more filter.

  • Build your professional writing portfolio
  • Become a published author on a credible news platform
  • IVN reaches over 4 million users online every week

  • Speak for Yourself – No Partisan Filter on IVN
  • IVN actively encourages publications from across the political spectrum
  • Submit on your own schedule

  • Regular writers on IVN can achieve “author” status by working closely with the editorial team
  • Authors with a clear understanding of the etiquette can claim paid story leads
  • Authors get access to IVN connections and can request media passes

  • IVN is published by FIVE and IVP – Working for Independent Voters since 2006
  • IVN is committed to elevating the civil discourse over sensationalizing headlines
  • Receive professional guidance and feedback from the editorial team
  • Benefit from IVN’s good name and reputation

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