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New Poll Shows Kennedy Tied with Biden in Utah; Will Appear in First Debate?
For the first time in decades, an independent presidential candidate has caught up to one of the two establishment parties in a statewide poll.
17 June, 2024
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Governor Polis Signs Bill That Suppresses the Voice of Colorado Voters
Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed an elections bill Thursday that will make it harder for voters to create an electoral system that offers more choice to voters, regardless of their political affiliation.
10 June, 2024
Why I’m Voting for Robert F. Kennedy Jr for President
I’m a lifelong Democrat. I served for more than 20 years in the California Legislature and as Director of Finance under a Democratic governor. I supported and financially contributed to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Amy Klobuchar in 2020.
07 June, 2024
Trump and Biden Debate
RFK to FEC: CNN Illegally Colluded with Biden, Trump Campaigns
Robert F. Kennedy Jr filed a complaint with the FEC this week, alleging that CNN has illegally colluded with the Trump and Biden campaigns to ensure presidential debates favor the two major parties -- and only the two major parties.
30 May, 2024
Montana Initiatives Add to Growing Demand for Fairer Primaries, More Choice in Elections
Montana may be on the verge of joining a growing movement across the country to give voters a fairer elections process that offers more choice and greater accountability. 
28 May, 2024
RFK Jr Still Sees Path to First Presidential Debate
Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign announced Friday that Kennedy has cleared 3 of 4 polls he needs to be at 15% in order to qualify for CNN’s debate stage on June 27 -- a debate that will solely be sponsored by the cable news network. 
27 May, 2024
South Dakota Voters Will Vote on 'Top Two' Primary in November
A proposed amendment to the South Dakota Constitution to require a nonpartisan primary system in which all voters and candidates participate on a single ballot has been certified for the November ballot.
24 May, 2024
Trump-Biden Debate
Did the Major Party Campaigns Just End the Commission on Presidential Debates?
President Joe Biden’s campaign issued a challenge to former President Donald Trump Wednesday to two debates: One in June and one in September. The debates have to be hosted by a news outlet and will not be conducted in front of a crowd.
15 May, 2024
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Democrat-Led Lawsuit Kills Independent Redistricting Initiatives in Nevada
The Nevada Supreme Court on Friday upheld the ruling of a lower district court that two identical ballot questions that would create an independent redistricting commission were invalid because sponsors did not add a revenue source to either initiative.
11 May, 2024
RFK Jr Challenges Trump to Debate; Calls Out 'Fake Polls'
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy extended a challenge Tuesday to former President Donald Trump to debate him at the Libertarian National Convention at the end of May.
07 May, 2024
South Dakota Capitol Building
South Dakota Open Primaries Submits 47K Signatures to Get Nonpartisan Primary Reform on the Ballot
One week after the Idahoans for Open Primaries coalition submitted roughly 30,000 more signatures than they needed to get a nonpartisan top-four primary system on the ballot, South Dakota Open Primaries met the required number of signatures in their own state to put a top-two system before voters.
07 May, 2024
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FairVote's David Daley Responds to RFK Jr's 'No Spoiler Pledge': There's A Better Way
David Daley, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan better elections group FairVote, released a statement Wednesday on Robert F Kennedy Jr's "no spoiler pledge," calling it "weird" and "unproven."
02 May, 2024
RFK Jr Says True Spoiler in 2024 Election Should Drop Out -- But It's Not Him
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr made an unprecedented announcement Wednesday: He challenged President Biden to take a "no spoiler pledge," which he will also take with one major stipulation.
01 May, 2024
Washington DC
Top Maine Lawmaker Advocates Electoral Change Solely to Spite the 'Other Side'
In April, Maine Gov. Janet Mills gave the OK for her state to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. This is a proposal that garners mixed reactions from the public, and support or opposition can largely fall on party lines.
01 May, 2024
Dan Osborn
Meet the Independent Who Is Beating An Incumbent Senator in Nebraska
Can an independent problem solver break through the partisan narrative and structure of the nation's elections and politics? Mechanic, soldier, and union leader Dan Osborn is running for US Senate in Nebraska with that goal in mind. 
29 April, 2024
White House
No Labels' Failed Presidential Math and Why It Should Focus Its Efforts on Reforming the System Instead
Earlier this month, No Labels officially ended its plans to field a bipartisan “Unity Ticket” in the 2024 presidential election. While most campaigns end due to a lack of voter support or funding, No Labels’s campaign suffered the unique problem of lacking a candidate.
26 April, 2024
2024 ballot
Pew: Half of US Voters Would Replace Trump AND Biden on the Ballot If Given Chance
US voters are largely unhappy with the options the two major parties have given them in the 2024 presidential election. While Hillary Clinton says these voters need to get over themselves, Pew Research has found that she is talking to most of the country.
25 April, 2024
Breaking Down the Numbers: Independent Voter Suppression in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania held its primary elections Tuesday, which effectively acted as the general election in most cases. However, statewide, over a million voters had to sit on the sidelines because of the state's closed primary rules.
24 April, 2024
DNC Loses Its First Attempt to Kick RFK Jr Off the Ballot
Independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr will officially appear on the Hawaii ballot after a ruling Friday blocked an effort by the Democratic Party to disqualify him from ballot access. It marks the first loss by the DNC in its legal strategy to limit voters' choices on the 2024 presidential ballot.
22 April, 2024
mail in ballot
New Guide Shows You How to Vote at Home in Your State
Many voters prefer the ease and convenience of being able to cast a ballot by mail. However, the rules that govern mail-in and absentee voting are not always well-known -- especially since they vary from state to state.
16 April, 2024
Trump and Biden Debate
If Trump or Biden Don't Want to Debate, Give The Stage to Someone Else
Major national news outlets reportedly are drafting an open letter to President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump's campaigns urging them to debate this fall. Biden has threatened not to debate at all, and Trump doesn't have a solid track record committing to debates.
10 April, 2024
Electoral College
The Electoral College Reform the Nation Needs is Not What Either Party Wants
Nebraska is one of only two states that has a system that awards its Electoral College votes based on the popular vote in each of its congressional districts. However, there is a contingent of state lawmakers who want to change this with the support of former President Donald Trump.
08 April, 2024
New Campaign Launches to Ease Panic over Elections that Go Into 'Overtime'
The worse political polarization gets, the more anxiety people feel over close elections. Accusations surface about rigged processes, frustration builds when results aren't called on Election Night, threats against election workers surface, and errors in reporting are made.
07 April, 2024
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10 Years Ago, IVN Warned CA Independents Not to be Fooled by the American Independent Party -- But the Issue Persists
On April 1, 2014, IVN was the first to cover a campaign that warned California independent voters not to be fooled when they registered to vote. But today, hundreds of thousands of voters are still registered with the American Independent Party by mistake.
01 April, 2024
Green Party Leaders Say Major Parties Gutted Presidential Campaign Fund to 'Silence Opposition'
Tax season is here – a time of year many Americans dread. And like every year, when citizens file their taxes, they will be asked a question: "Would you be willing to give $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?" 
31 March, 2024
John Avlon
John Avlon: Our Partisan-Controlled Election System Has Turned Congress into a Body of 'Spineless Cowards'
Former CNN commentator John Avlon is running for Congress in New York's 1st Congressional District. Avlon is running in the Democratic primary, but he is no stranger to independent politics or the movements for independent reform.
25 March, 2024
ballot box
The Next Big Win in Better Election Reform Could Come Where Voters Least Expect
Idaho isn't a state that gets much attention when people talk about politics in the US. However, this could change in 2024 if Idahoans for Open Primaries and their allies are successful with their proposed initiative.
21 March, 2024
Sinema's Exit Could Be Bad News for Democrats -- Here's Why
To many, the 2024 presidential primary has been like the movie Titanic - overly long and ending in a disaster we all saw coming from the start. After months of campaigning and five televised primary debates, Americans are now faced with a rematch between two candidates polling shows a majority of them didn’t want.
19 March, 2024
Two Key TX House Races Head to Expensive and Unnecessary Runoff Elections
Two US House primaries in Texas are headed for runoffs in May. Voters who are already exhausted with the political process will be asked to go to the polls in elections that historically draw in half of the March primary's turnout -- which was abysmally low in 2024.
07 March, 2024
free and equal debate
Free and Equal Foundation Hosts Debate the Parties Refuse to Offer
The Free and Equal Foundation hosted a presidential debate in New York City that featured third party candidates running in various states across the country. The event focused on many of the biggest issues facing the US, from immigration to criminal justice reform.
05 March, 2024
SCOTUS Ruling: States Cannot 'Protect Democracy' By Limiting Voters' Choices on the Ballot
The Supreme Court of the United States unanimously ruled Monday that former President Donald Trump's name must remain on the Colorado Republican presidential primary ballot. The ruling, however, had much broader implications than just Trump.
04 March, 2024
SC Governor Rejects Calls to Close Primaries; Squashes Claims of 'Party Raiding'
Republican South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster does not support calls from within his party to close primary elections to registered party members only. He has long pushed back against claims that non-party members will infiltrate the primaries to manipulate outcomes.
21 February, 2024
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Biden, the Arab American Vote, and Identity Politics in 2024
In late January, leaders from Michigan’s Arab American community rebuffed an invitation to meet with Biden’s campaign manager, expressing frustration that they hadn’t been given a voice in the administration’s policies towards Gaza.
20 February, 2024
Independent Voter Guide to the South Carolina GOP Presidential Primary
The South Carolina Republican presidential primary is scheduled for Saturday, February 24. It's an open primary, meaning any registered state voter can participate as long as they did not vote in the February 3 Democratic presidential primary.
20 February, 2024
California US Senate Race: What to Expect on March 5
The California primaries are coming up fast. On March 5, Super Tuesday, Californians will go to the polls, but while much of the nation's attention will be on the presidential contest, voters will participate in nonpartisan primaries for all non-presidential races in the state.
14 February, 2024
If The Parties Can Ignore Primary Results, Why Not Let Everyone Vote?
Over 70,000 voters cast a ballot in the Republican primary -- and none of those votes are considered "legitimate" by the GOP. 
08 February, 2024
Bucking Historic Trends, Independent Voter ID Goes Up in 'High Stakes' Election Year
Independent voters are sending a message to the Republican and Democratic Parties: We are done playing your games.
31 January, 2024
The Skeevy Tactics Both Parties Have Used to Take Voters' Money
If the 2024 presidential election follows recent trends, it will be the most expensive campaign finance cycle in modern US history with figures that will likely ascend into the billions of dollars. And this has many voters concerned about the state of money in politics.
30 January, 2024
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang: People Are Fed Up with an Electoral System That Doesn't Care About Voters
US elections are the foundation of a paradoxical system. Voters are told every vote counts, but then see a presidential nomination process that is considered a done deal after not even 1% of voters have cast a ballot.
29 January, 2024
Dean Phillips
Defending Democracy? Democratic Candidate Dean Phillips Calls Out DNC Hypocrisy
Democratic US Presidential candidate and US Representative Dean Phillips (Minnesota) condemned the systemic threats to US elections at every level of the process in a recent conversation with Open Primaries President John Opdycke.
22 January, 2024
Justin Amash
5 Ways Justin Amash Rebelled Against the Two-Party Duopoly
Former US Rep. Justin Amash announced Thursday that he has officially launched an exploratory committee to determine the viability of a US Senate run in Michigan. Here are five ways he has rebelled against the two-party duopoly's leadership:
18 January, 2024
Hey Californians: Are You Registered with the Wrong Party?
California's primary elections will take place on March 5, 2024. While every state, legislative, and non-presidential federal election will be accessible to all voters, a voter's choices in the presidential primaries will be limited based on their party registration.
17 January, 2024
Why Only One Party's Caucuses Were Discussed in Iowa
Many voters watching the results from the Iowa caucuses on Tuesday may have noticed that the media only talked about votes on the Republican side. Only GOP results were posted on news websites and on social media.
15 January, 2024
Robert F Kennedy Jr to Speak at Calif. Libertarian Party Convention
The Libertarian Party of California (LPCA) announced this week that independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr will be a guest speaker at the party's annual convention and will participate in its POTUS Candidate Panel.
11 January, 2024
Navigating the Maze: The 2024 California Presidential Primaries and Certified Candidates
California is gearing up for the 2024 presidential primaries scheduled for Super Tuesday on March 5. However, California's semi-closed rules and regulations leave millions of voters confused every election cycle. Here's everything you need to know about these elections.
11 January, 2024