Fair Representation Act: Is Ranked Choice Voting Going Nationwide?

IVN Author Wes Messamore and I discuss breaking news out of Maine in the latest podcast episode of In Full Color. US Rep. Bruce Poliquin filed a lawsuit Tuesday to stop ranked choice voting tabulation as he finds his political career in jeopardy.

FairVote Law and Policy Director Drew Spencer joins the conversation to talk about this lawsuit, which relies on arguments that have already failed in court and only comes now that the incumbent is facing likely defeat, according to exit polls.

It seems Poliquin cares more about keeping his seat than the will of Maine voters.

Spencer also discusses a broader effort to get ranked choice voting in congressional races nationwide through the Fair Representation Act. The bill establishes multi-member districts using ranked choice voting in the primary and general elections, and establishes a nationwide model for nonpartisan redistricting reform.

Spencer discusses why voters and reformers should support the Fair Representation Act. It would completely transform congressional elections and representation in the US House:

Readers can get more information about the Fair Representation Act by visiting FairVote’s page on the bill, which includes extensive research, data, and more to support its use. If you have any comments, questions, or feedback, be sure to drop them in the comment and review section. We want to hear from you!

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