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ReConsider Media Podcast: Education in America, Pt. I

by ReConsider Media, published

How's the US education system performing relative to other countries? How can we improve our own performance?

There are many opinions and narratives about what to do, and in this episode, Xander and Erik dive into the data to understand which hold water, and which are swept away by facts.


Many of our sources are in our companion articles, which are linked below:

Other Sources

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Here's a link to great graphs on the subject, on ReConsider Media.

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ReConsider, by Xander Snyder and Erik Fogg, is a twice per month podcast in which we take on, in-depth, one pressing political issue facing western Democracies with a fresh, researched, and challenging perspective. We help listeners see the full context behind the issue and make up their own minds.

ReConsider Media is a syndicate of This podcast was originally published on ReConsider Media July 12, 2016.

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