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To Trump: Do you really believe the Syrians pictured here are terrorists?

by Michael Thorsnes, published

In March of 2014, I was invited to the White House for a St. Patrick's Day celebration. The day after the event, I became aware of a march of Syrian refugees at the White House. There, in attendance, I saw an estimated 300 people of all sexes and ages. They were attempting to get further action out of the White House to stop the ravages of the Assad Regime. The pictures capture the incredible dignity and bearing of the Syrian refugees. Many carried signs with photographs and names of missing, or murdered friends or relatives. The speakers were impassioned. Their hope was palpable. They also knew that without effective intervention and support of United States and its allies, the killing would continue. Nearly three years have passed and the slaughter continues.

President Trump and his adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn, have described Islam as a "cancer." The only malignancy is, in fact, their hostility and indifference to the suffering of the refugees exacerbated by the travel ban, unnecessary and, in fact, very damaging to the peace process.

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