Colorado Caucus Sites Reportedly Turn Away Hundreds of Voters

Created: 02 March, 2016
Updated: 16 October, 2022
1 min read

The Denver Post reported Wednesday that hundreds of Democratic voters were reportedly turned away from Colorado caucus sites Tuesday night because party officials were unprepared and overwhelmed by the larger-than-expected turnout.

The Post reports that a total of 121,596 Democrats registered to caucus in Colorado on Super Tuesday, an increase of one percent from 2008 and approximately 13 percent of the state's active registered Democrats. Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the state by nearly 19 points, 58.9% to 40.4%.

"A crowd stretching four blocks from a Boulder Democratic caucus site became disillusioned Tuesday night as hundreds of people were turned away because of overcrowding," the Post reports.

Both parties use closed caucuses in presidential elections, meaning the 1,006,412 active registered independents in the state didn't have an opportunity to voice their preference for president. Further, since the Colorado Republican Party canceled its caucus, Republicans voters in the state were not given a voice on caucus night either.

Read the full report from The Denver Post here.

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