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How the American Reformation of 2016 Can Fix American Politics

by Richard Grant, published

In a previous article on IVN, I explain what the American Reformation of 2016 is and how it would transform the U.S. government to better serve the people. Below are all the issues it would address for constitutional reformation.



Political Parties 

Our elected officials should be independent thinkers, acting independently on behalf of the best interests of their constituents. Political parties have become conduits for special interest corruption. Entities whose interests come before "We the People" should not be allowed to exist.

The U.S. Constitution was greatly influenced by the Free Masons. The time has come to reform that important document. The American Reformation of 2016 would allow independent ideals to influence these important changes. Before this can happen, the Independent Party must become like salmon swimming upstream to spawn.  All political parties need to be constitutionally banned.


Campaign Financing

Campaign financing provides special interests with their power. The cost, time, and distractions to conduct election processes could be greatly reduced with the Internet and public access television. Profits generated by USA Inc. would be used to finance presidential, Senate, House, and U.S. gubernatorial elections using the aforementioned media and USA Inc.’s national news services. Private news services would be strongly encouraged to participate. Make it an illegal act for any elected office holder or person running for elected office to accept financial or personal benefits for influence.


House And Senate Terms

U.S. House members begin running for office the minute they’re elected. This is time, effort, and resources that should be directed toward serving their constituents. In a rapidly evolving society, six-year terms is too long of time to give power to any one senator, let alone fifty. House terms should be increased from two to four years. Senate terms should be reduced to four years across the board.


Supreme Court Terms

For the same reasons a six-year Senate term should be shortened, a lifetime term may not be in the best interests of the U.S. Supreme Court terms should be reduced to ten years.


Presidential Executive Orders

Laws are supposed to be made by a body of many legislators, and not by a single person. Presidential executive orders should be re-constitutionally defined and governed.


Congressional Bills

Congressional bills need to be transparent and specific. Congressional bills should be constitutionally defined, governed, and include a presidential line-item veto option.


Control of the Military

The U.S. military has evolved into the roll of enforcer for special interests. These actions have added greatly to the U.S.’s economic collapse and global tensions. The U.S. military’s purpose should be defensive with a strong will to engage and destroy any entity that DIRECTLY attacks our freedoms. The U.S. military should be under the control of a Congress not influenced by special interests.


Congressional Benefits

Congressional benefits should be fair and reasonable to both the elected officials and their constituents. Congressional benefits should be constitutionally defined and governed.


Internet Freedom

Internet censorship cannot be allowed. Internet freedom needs to be constitutionally protected under the First Amendment.


How the American Reformation of 2016 would impact the principle issues confronting today’s America.

Crime And Violence

Three primary factors for crime and violence in the U.S. are illegal drugs, restricted access to education, and a failing economy. The American Reformation of 2016 offers viable solutions to all these factors. Health care treatment for illegal drug addicts should eliminate much of illegal drug trafficking. Non-restrictive and inexpensive access to online education will help provide Americans, across the board, with equal training opportunities to receive better than living wage jobs. The demise of the Federal Reserve and all the debt it created will create a consumption/job creation never before experienced in the U.S. Resolving these three factors alone should greatly decrease crime and violence in the U.S.


Environment And Natural Resources

One of the primary goals of the American Reformation of 2016 is to eliminate the influence of special interests. Remove special interests from the equation and practical solutions for environmental and natural resource protection becomes much easier to implement.

One such project needs to be the construction of a National Fresh Water Reservoir. Fresh water is a massive global problem. The unfortunate results of global warming may create an opportunity to displace future ocean water without adverse effect. As the glaciers melt, ocean levels are rising. Diverting river and flood waters to a national reservoir will help alleviate land and property losses while providing the U.S. with an abundance of fresh water. The demise of the Federal Reserve and all the debt associated with it will provide the funding necessary to build a National Fresh Water Reservoir.


Family Budget

The elimination of the Federal Reserve and reforming the federal government from a wasteful bureaucracy to a business-directed, profit-making entity would be greatly advantageous for the budgets of every American family. The elimination of debt and taxes and affordable, non-restrictive access to health care and education will immediately increase the quality of life for every American.


Foreign Policy

The U.S. military’s roll, as the enforcer of special interests, must end. U.S. foreign policy should be directed toward protecting the global environmental and the practical management of the Earth’s finite natural resources. To accomplish these goals, the U.S. should seek global support through positive relationship building and balanced free trade opportunities without special interest military intervention. Campaign financing reforms proposed by the American Reformation of 2016 would end political lobbying and along with it, the military industrial complex as it exists today. The full roll of the U.S. military should be under the strict control of the U.S. Congress.


Freedom of Speech

A primary goal of the American Reformation of 2016 is the opportunity to make amendments to the U.S. Constitution. This capability would allow for increased protections of the First Amendment, which would include non-censorship of the Internet.


Health Care

The American Reformation of 2016 offers practical cost cutting solutions to U.S. health care. The elimination of debt, malpractice insurance, and fraud combined with drastic cost reductions in drug and medical training will greatly decrease monthly health care premiums.



The demise of the Federal Reserve and all the debt created by it will create an economic boom that will greatly increase better than living wage employment opportunities in the U.S. Presently, many of the illegal immigrants who come into the U.S. take hard-working, low-paying jobs many Americans won’t. As Americans upgrade employment away from living wage jobs, more immigrants will be needed. Online education will make it possible to train potential immigrants prior to entering the US. The aforementioned economic, health care, tax, and education reforms will provide immigrants opportunities while not becoming a welfare burden.


Poverty and Welfare 

The American Reformation of 2016’s solution to poverty and welfare involves:

  1. The creation of an economic boom;
  2. The unrestricted access to education and training;
  3. The restructuring of government to eliminate taxes; and
  4. The creation of truly affordable health care.

Healthy economics and education are the solution.



The Patriot Act needs to be repealed. The elimination of special interest influence and a change in foreign policy should create a safer world for everyone.


Social Security

Eliminating debt and taxes along with reduced health care costs will greatly improve the quality of life for U.S. seniors. Profits generated from USA Inc.’s business model will be available to help sustain the present Social Security system and what it may evolve to in the future. The American Reformation of 2016 will financially assist U.S. retirees on a level never before imagined.



A primary goal of the American Reformation of 2016 is not to cut taxes, but eliminate them altogether. Extinguishing government debt, fraud, and waste will bring this goal to fruition.



The American Reformation of 2016 not only addresses the major problems facing all Americans, but also offers everyone an opportunity for a better life. What percentage of the electorate would not find that appealing?

As with the contract with America, the American Reformation of 2016 would need to be advertised as an all-for-one, one-for all proposition. The strategy would require 484 independent candidates running for president, vice president, 435 House seats, 34 Senate seats, and the 13 U.S. gubernatorial seats up for election in 2016.

Due to the order of magnitude, financing a political movement should be exponentially less than financing each of the 484 races. $3, $5, and $10 online donations, social media, public access television, along with both local and national news coverage could provide the exposure and funding necessary to elevate this proposal to a national debate.

Please help bring this message to national attention if the solutions suggested here would make your life and the ones you love better.

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