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Latest Presidential Polls, Obama Leads in: OH, PA, FL, VA

by Matt Metzner, published
Credit: Orlando Sentinel

swing state presidential polls

Today Quinnipiac University released their latest presidential polls showing President Obama with a healthy five point lead in the critically important state of Ohio. President Obama also leads in polling in swing-states Florida and Virginia.

The Quinnipiac study finds the races in Florida and Virginia too close to call leading up to Election Day. The Mittmentum that carried the Romney campaign following the first presidential debate until now closed the gap in Florida and Virginia. The same momentum is not denting the presidential polling numbers in Ohio.

Explaining why the Quinnipiac poll did not include Pennsylvania, the director of the poll stated “we haven’t bothered with Pennsylvania in these last polls, it’s in the bag for Obama.”

Quinnipiac’s last presidential poll, held on October 16 showed that President Obama held a 4-point lead in Pennsylvania. Those numbers have gone unchanged. Mitt Romney did however close a 12-point lead in the state.

The current Ohio poll shows President Obama leading 50-45, which is unchanged since October 22. In Florida, President Obama leads 48-47, compared to his 53-44 lead on September 26, one week before the first debate. In Virginia, President Obama is polling 49-47, compared to a 51-46 lead on October 11.

As discussed previously on IVN, Ohio and Pennsylvania could be the road to re-election for President Obama regardless of Mitt Romney’s campaign efforts in the South.

Today Mitt Romney will be campaigning in the Keystone State, where obtaining the confidence of voters in the eastern portion of the state is critical if he hopes to prove Quinnipiac wrong. President Obama will appear in New Jersey to visit the storm-battered state.

For more information on the latest presidential polls in swing states and the polls effects on election outcome consult this page.

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