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Clinton Endorses 5 Southern California Democrats for US Congress

by Terri Harel, published
Photo: Anibal Ortiz / KPCC

In his latest effort to push for President Obama's second term and a Democratic Party-controlled Washington, former President Bill Clinton endorsed Southern California candidates for US Congress Tuesday night during a rally at UC Irvine.

Clinton officially endorsed California Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, California State Senator Alan Lowenthal, San Diego’s port official, Scott Peters, and candidates Mark Takano and Raul Ruiz, who are all running for US Congress in their districts.

The former president has been a major player this election cycle, giving his full support to President Obama and making the rounds to ensure other Democratic candidates receive his endorsements in key races.

Clinton spent a good deal of time Tuesday night speaking about Senator Lowenthal's important role as a champion of the environment in California's capitol. Beyond his environmental activism, Lowenthal is known for his bipartisanship, in which his principles trump his politics. Specifically, Lowenthal supported redistricting by California citizens, which helped curb gerrymandering that, in fact, had previously favored Democrats. In the 47th Congressional District, Lowenthal is competing against Republican Gary DeLong.

After the event, Julia Brownley posted on her Facebook: “I was just endorsed by President Clinton. I’m so honored by his support. Please help us build on this momentum,” making it clear that maintaining energy and focus in the last couple weeks leading up to Election Day is imperative to the success of the Democratic Party. The newly-drawn Ventura County district would be an important win for the Democrats.

At the rally, Clinton stressed that supporting Obama means not only voting for him at the ballot box, but voting for other Democrats as well. Ensuring Democratic control of Congress to support the president’s agenda and maintain Democratic values has been a powerful message in Clinton’s recent campaign appearances.

The Orange County Register reported Clinton closed by saying:

"If you want not only to re-elect President Obama, but to see him in a position to enact a second-term agenda that will create a 21st Century America of prosperity, you have to vote for "

Harkening back to his language at the Democratic National Convention, Clinton said:

"Here's what I know. ‘We're all in this together’ works a lot better than ‘You're on your own.’ Shared opportunity works a lot better than trickle-down economics. Arithmetic works better than illusion."

Clinton went on to praise Obama on healthcare reform and student loans easing, as well as the administration's commitment to improve the economy and get Americans back to work.

Clinton’s endorsements of key Southern California Democrats could help ensure their success in these important races, and is an important part of the Democratic Party's strategy to potentially retake the House of Representatives.

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