Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Talk Specifics in Online Debate

Thanks to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein for participating in the world’s first ever online debate. The world was witness to not only the wonders of a new technology, but patient with its introduction to American politics. More importantly, credit has to be given to the candidates and IVN participants: real questions from real people with real responses.

There was no script for tonight’s debate and there is no replacement for the opportunity that technology has given to break down the barriers of political participation. Governor Gary Johnson, from a hotel in Laramie, Wyoming got through an internet connection issue and some audio feedback from Dr. Jill Stein in Seattle, Washington. In due time, the technology smoothed. The former Governor of New Mexico covered NDAA, white-collar crime, and other huge issues that go largely undiscussed in the conventional dialogue. Dr. Stein gave articulate answers and communicate an alternative vision from the two “mainstream” presidential candidates.

But what was most important in the debate was the common respect that Governor Johnson and Jill Stein gave each other: Recognizing common agreements, articulating alternative answers rather than personal attacks, and allowing each other to finish their sentences.

A bit of etiquette can go a long way to elevating the level of civil discourse in America. And with a bit of technology, we can get there. Thank you.

Watch the Gary Johnson and Jill Stein Debate