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Meg Whitman presents her vision

by Ryan Jaroncyk, published

2010 gubernatorial candidate and former eBay CEO, Meg Whitman, discussed California's economic crisis in a recent CNBC interview with Larry Kudlow.  Whitman believes job creation, cutting government spending, and reforming the K-12 educational system will be the most vital objectives of the state's next governor.  

Regarding cap & trade legislation and offshore drilling, she expressed a willingness to take a closer look to see if a more ideal balance could be struck between environmental protection, business retention, and revenue generation.  Whitman would also like to build up a rainy day fund for California, potentially review the tax code, utilize the line-item veto, and take advantage of the proposition system to enact policy changes.

When asked to differentiate herself from fellow Republican candidate, Steve Poizner, Whitman drew attention to her status as a political outsider and to her highly successful business career in the private sector.







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