Yang Speaks With FairVote's CEO About the Future of Ranked Choice Voting

Sumpter and Yang
Created: 10 June, 2024
1 min read

It goes without saying that most voters are dissatisfied with the state of US politics. Hyper-polarization and division are at their worst levels in modern history and nothing is getting done to actually help the American people.

As a result, many voters don't feel represented in a system that was founded on the declaration of "no taxation without representation."

Over the last decade, a voter revolution has grown to change the way we elect our public officials. Former presidential candidate and Forward Party Co-Founder Andrew Yang is a part of this movement, as is Meredith Sumpter, the new CEO of FairVote.

Yang sat down with Sumpter in the latest episode of his podcast, Forward. The two discuss how ranked choice voting (RCV), in particular, is instrumental to ending political gridlock and empowering voters. 

RCV is the fastest growing voting reform in the US, and is increasingly being combined with nonpartisan primaries as a solution to an electoral system that offers little choice, zero competition, and no accountability. 

Sumpter lays out the foreseeable future for RCV and what it means for elections in the US.  Be sure to check out the full conversation above and read IVN's profile piece on FairVote's new CEO

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