Free and Equal Foundation Hosts Debate the Parties Refuse to Offer

free and equal debate
Created: 05 March, 2024
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Photo Credit: Free and Equal Foundation


The Free and Equal Foundation hosted a presidential debate in New York City that featured third party candidates running in various states across the country. The event focused on many of the biggest issues facing the US, from immigration to criminal justice reform.

The participating candidates included Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein, Green candidate Jasmine Sherman, Socialism and Liberation candidate Claudia De La Cruz, Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver, and Libertarian candidate Lars Mapstead.

Outside of Dr. Stein, many of the candidates on the stage are not well known to the general public. However, the debate -- moderated by Free and Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin, Jason Palmer, and Caitlin Sinclair -- offered something the major parties refuse to:

Conversations that focus on substance and nuance, rather than stale talking points and attacks on the "other side."

Voters are looking for new perspectives. They want more choice and more competition in elections. So, it is no surprise that third party and independent candidates have a bigger spotlight on them this election cycle.

Voters are fed up with the status quo and this frustration will create an unpredictable election.

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None of the candidates on the Free and Equal debate stage are going to win the election, but the debate allowed them to put out new and different ideas for voters to consider. The debate was streamed online and picked up by C-SPAN. Watch it above.

Free and Equal encourages viewers to vote on who they think won the debate.