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Green Party Leaders Say Major Parties Gutted Presidential Campaign Fund to 'Silence Opposition'
Tax season is here – a time of year many Americans dread. And like every year, when citizens file their taxes, they will be asked a question: "Would you be willing to give $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?" 
31 March, 2024
free and equal debate
Free and Equal Foundation Hosts Debate the Parties Refuse to Offer
The Free and Equal Foundation hosted a presidential debate in New York City that featured third party candidates running in various states across the country. The event focused on many of the biggest issues facing the US, from immigration to criminal justice reform.
05 March, 2024
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Imperiling Democracy: The Two-Party System is Automating Voter Choice
As critical thinking skills become increasingly important in the era of artificial intelligence, our two-party political system is imperiling both democracy and the American workforce by automating voter choice, decreasing the value of human input and serving as a Chat GPT for everyday political conversations.
06 February, 2024
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang: People Are Fed Up with an Electoral System That Doesn't Care About Voters
US elections are the foundation of a paradoxical system. Voters are told every vote counts, but then see a presidential nomination process that is considered a done deal after not even 1% of voters have cast a ballot.
29 January, 2024
Robert F Kennedy Jr to Speak at Calif. Libertarian Party Convention
The Libertarian Party of California (LPCA) announced this week that independent presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr will be a guest speaker at the party's annual convention and will participate in its POTUS Candidate Panel.
11 January, 2024
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A New Type of Political Party Has Launched and Is Coming to a City Near You
Third parties have long struggled to break through a political system that is explicitly designed to benefit the Republican and Democratic Parties. However, the Forward Party is taking an unprecedented approach to tear down the duopoly’s barriers.
26 September, 2022