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TikTok Has No Place in the Two-Party Duopoly
The US House of Representatives voted 352-65 Wednesday in favor of a bill (HR 7521) that would ban TikTok, a social media app used by approximately 170 million Americans, if Chinese tech company ByteDance refuses to divest from it.
13 March, 2024
Can Congress Still Do Its Job? How Polarization Threatens Your Favorite Cause
Over the weekend, Senate negotiators released final language of a bill that would address the growing crisis at America’s southern border while also providing aid to Ukraine and Israel. This would be great news, if House Speaker Mike Johnson hadn’t announced the bill was dead on arrival before the bill had been written.
06 February, 2024
HR 1: Bipartisan Support for Popular Political Reform Evaporates in Congress
Perhaps it is not surprising that Friday’s vote on HR1, the omnibus election reform bill, broke strictly along partisan lines...
13 March, 2019
12 Things Everyone Should Know About The Debt Ceiling
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the debt ceiling. Here are 12 things every American should know about it and what hitting it means.
28 February, 2019