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Trump and Biden Debates
Voters Agree CNN Debate Was a Trainwreck... And It Is a Reflection of US Elections
"It was a sad day for the country." Many voters have shared this exact sentiment in the days following the June 27 CNN presidential debate.
01 July, 2024
Ahead of CNN Debate, 71% of Voters Are Not Happy
A Harvard CAPS / Harris poll in May found that 71% of Americans want an independent or third-party candidate on the presidential debate stage. Yet, the rules for CNN's June 27 debate were set up to never allow more than two.
26 June, 2024
Kennedy: My Exclusion from CNN Debate is ‘Undemocratic, Un-American, and Cowardly’
US voters awoke Thursday to the news that the June 27 CNN presidential debate stage had been set. The network had its promotions ready for two candidates -- and only two candidates.
21 June, 2024
New Poll Shows Kennedy Tied with Biden in Utah; Will Appear in First Debate?
For the first time in decades, an independent presidential candidate has caught up to one of the two establishment parties in a statewide poll.
17 June, 2024
Thomas Massie
Congress' 'Mr. No' Thomas Massie to Moderate Free and Equal Presidential Debate
The Free and Equal Election Foundation is slated to host its second presidential debate of 2024 on July 12, and it will be co-moderated by a member of Congress who is no stranger to challenging the status quo.
07 June, 2024
Trump and Biden Debate
RFK to FEC: CNN Illegally Colluded with Biden, Trump Campaigns
Robert F. Kennedy Jr filed a complaint with the FEC this week, alleging that CNN has illegally colluded with the Trump and Biden campaigns to ensure presidential debates favor the two major parties -- and only the two major parties.
30 May, 2024
RFK Jr Still Sees Path to First Presidential Debate
Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign announced Friday that Kennedy has cleared 3 of 4 polls he needs to be at 15% in order to qualify for CNN’s debate stage on June 27 -- a debate that will solely be sponsored by the cable news network. 
27 May, 2024
Trump-Biden Debate
Did the Major Party Campaigns Just End the Commission on Presidential Debates?
President Joe Biden’s campaign issued a challenge to former President Donald Trump Wednesday to two debates: One in June and one in September. The debates have to be hosted by a news outlet and will not be conducted in front of a crowd.
15 May, 2024
free and equal debate
Free and Equal Foundation Hosts Debate the Parties Refuse to Offer
The Free and Equal Foundation hosted a presidential debate in New York City that featured third party candidates running in various states across the country. The event focused on many of the biggest issues facing the US, from immigration to criminal justice reform.
05 March, 2024
Party Members Only: The Bipartisan Scheme to Rig Presidential Debates
The Fox News headline on September 19 read: “Longshot Republican presidential candidates scramble to make 2nd debate next week.” But while former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum struggle to qualify for the September 27 debate, their situation could be worse.
20 September, 2023
Independent Voter Project Files Brief Supporting Lawsuit Against Bipartisan Debate Commission
The exclusionary presidential debate rules that prevent any candidate outside the Republican and Democratic Parties from participating is another critical cog in the anti-competitive electoral machine that is crippling our representative democracy.
27 September, 2019