Morning Report: August 31, 2017

Author: Jeff Powers
Created: 30 August, 2017
Updated: 21 November, 2022
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Assange Ready to Publish

Word that the FBI was not willing to release its findings into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, due to concerns over public interest, caused WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to make it abundantly clear on twitter, that his organization will publish all email's related to Clinton.

In a story on IVN, the FBI stated that they didn't think the public was interested in the findings and therefore denied the FOIA request that was initially filed in 2016.

WikiLeaks founder took aim at the FBI on twitter.


San Diego, Still in Limbo

As first reported on IVN, San Diego politicians are trying to decide if they should send to Houston their  advanced Swift Water Rescue Team.

Over the weekend, the politicians said no, deferring to a group consisting of firefighters who have taken swimming classes, but have yet to face a major rescue effort.

Then, on Tuesday, the city and fire department changed their mind, and as reported on IVN, said yes we will send our best to Houston. That group, which was activated, consists of 11 specially trained lifeguards who can assist in any Swift Water Rescue challenge.

Come Wednesday, the "activated" group is still waiting on the shores of San Diego.

Pardon Me? Gary Johnson Not Happy with Arpaio Decision

In a story on IVN, presidential candidate Gary Johnson penned an op-ed on the issues surrounding President Trump's pardon of Joe Arpaio.

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Johnson wrote, "but rarely does a president not only issue a pardon, but extol the virtues of the lucky criminal, even calling him a hero. That’s exactly what President Trump did last Friday when he announced the pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. It wasn’t just a pardon. It was a coronation. It was a full-throated endorsement of the policies and tactics that Sheriff Joe employed for years to codify prejudice, make profiling not only acceptable, but mandatory, and most significantly, fuel the anti-immigrant fervor that has become a staple for far too many politicians.

Today, especially, as the nation wrestles with the divisions and, yes, bigotry that politicians on all sides are exploiting, Joe Arpaio isn’t one of those deserving individuals."

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