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Course Correction: San Diego Will Send Lifeguard Rescue Team To Houston

by Jeff Powers, published

Following some extraordinary media scrutiny, the City of San Diego has decided to send its Lifeguard Swift Water Rescue Team to Houston to assist in the search and rescue efforts.

The Lifeguard team has tremendous experience in handling hurricane related rescue efforts, having saved lives in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina.

According to sources within the Lifeguard department, 11 members of the team and their equipment will immediately be heading to Houston.

IVN was the first media outlet to report the developing controversy Monday night.

Lifeguard Sergeant Ed Harris penned a letter to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and the citizens of Houston, apologizing that he and his nationally recognized river rescue team, were told to stand down by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department and were not allowed travel to Texas to assist in the Henry rescue efforts.

At a news conference at City Hall on Tuesday, the Fire-Rescue Department doubled down on their stance that the lifeguard unit was to remain in San Diego.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Chief Brian Fennessy said, "We are profoundly disappointed that Ed Harris would politicize his own agenda as thousands of people need help in Houston."

But sources close to the turmoil said they had real concerns about the city politicizing this issue, not Harris.

And then, in a lightning fast reversal, and less than an hour after the news conference, officials with the fire department and City of San Diego changed their minds and decided to send the Lifeguard team to Houston.

The Fire Department is reportedly working on a statement regarding the change in position. When IVN receives it, we will publish.

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