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IVN Team Sounds Off on Favorite Current Governors

by Kymberly Bays, published

In honor of the National Governors' Association meeting taking place through Sunday, the question, "Who is your favorite current governor, and why?", was posed to the office this week. Here are a few of our responses.

Chad Peace:

"I would have to say Governor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island because after reading the article [IVN intern] Michael wrote on our site, it sounds like he stands up to the GOP a lot...I like that"

Matt Metzner:

"I have a lot of respect for Montana's Governor Brian Schweitzer and his Republican Lieutenant Governor for collectively leading the charge against Citizens United and defending an 100 year old law that has worked for their state."

Jane Susskind:

"I've lived in California all my life, so I'm partial to any governor representing my state. But Governor Jerry Brown has made some bold decisions that place him at the top of my list as my favorite current governor. California faces some tough obstacles, with an almost $16 billion deficit. Brown has made a commitment to closing this gap, knowing that the 2012 budget cuts and $8 billion tax increase will be highly unpopular. I'm not a fan of taxes, but California is struggling, people are leaving, and it's one of the worst states for unemployment. He has a tough job, and I can respect a governor who does what he or she thinks is right, not what is popular."

Amos Cooper:

"I like Governor Rick Perry because he's funny. Just look..."

Manny Flores:

"I like Governor Chris Christie. He called our War on Drugs a failure. He's got balls, bro."


Who is your pick for favorite current governor?

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