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Funding Problems Plague Oakland's New 'Democracy Dollars' Program
Nearly three-quarters of Oakland voters (74%) approved an initiative in 2022 that took a comprehensive approach to campaign finance solutions in the city. However, one of its historic changes is in need of funding if it is going to be implemented by 2026; namely, its "democracy dollars" public finance system.
17 May, 2024
Green Party Leaders Say Major Parties Gutted Presidential Campaign Fund to 'Silence Opposition'
Tax season is here – a time of year many Americans dread. And like every year, when citizens file their taxes, they will be asked a question: "Would you be willing to give $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?" 
31 March, 2024
The Skeevy Tactics Both Parties Have Used to Take Voters' Money
If the 2024 presidential election follows recent trends, it will be the most expensive campaign finance cycle in modern US history with figures that will likely ascend into the billions of dollars. And this has many voters concerned about the state of money in politics.
30 January, 2024