Virtual Discussion: The Next Generation of Voters Stands By Open Primaries

Created: 17 November, 2023
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Photo Credit: Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

In the latest virtual discussion hosted by Open Primaries, young citizens in Pennsylvania talked about their commitment to giving all voters, regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof, an equal and meaningful say in the election process.

The electoral system has been manufactured across the country to exclusively benefit the Republican and Democratic Parties, but voters are increasingly choosing not to affiliate with either party -- and the percentage of independents is highest among young people.

Here's the thing, the youngest generation of voters has displayed a level of activism and participation at the polls that defies historic trends, and in many states, this means their right to an equal vote is hindered by exclusionary partisan primaries.

Open Primaries hosted a virtual discussion with Students for Ballot PA, which is comprised of students from 16 different Pennsylvania colleges and universities and has become an influential group in the ongoing fight to repeal the state's closed primary laws. 

Open Primaries notes:

"The political reform movement has never seen a group of young people organizing at this scale and with this level of enthusiasm. And the momentum in PA is building. 2 bills were JUST PASSED by the PA House State Government Committee– the first time open primary legislation has gotten through an Assembly committee!"

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Members of the organization discussed their campaign, the growing independence of young voters, and how they have brought so many of their peers from across the state together to stand up for primary reform. Check out the full conversation above. 

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