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Video: Who Will Give 1 Million Independent Penn. Voters an Equal Vote?

closed primaries
Created: 23 May, 2023
1 min read

One million Pennsylvania voters are locked out of taxpayer-funded primary elections. Local reformers have mobilized to change the system -- and with recent bipartisan legislation introduced to open primaries to independent voters, it looks like their efforts are bearing fruit.

Open Primaries President John Opdycke and Ballot PA Chair David Thornburgh hosted a discussion with former PA Senate President Joe Scarnati and Independent Pennsylvanians Director Jennifer Bullock, along with local reformers, to get an on-the-ground report on what is going on in one of the nation's most contentious battleground states. 

Scarnatti and Bullock have long championed primary reform and while efforts to open primary elections are not new to Pennsylvania, the political landscape in the state has changed, and the people working for better and fairer elections believe things feel different this time around. Check out the full discussion above.