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Transcending Political Division (with Americans for Prosperity's Nick Reed)

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Today's conversation is with Americans for Prosperity grassroots organizer, Nick Reed. Nick is an activist, speaker, and author focusing on helping individuals make positive change in their community from the bottom upwards. Jim and Nick have an in-depth discussion about what AFP is doing,  the intersection of the individual with politics, how to move past polarization, and whether conscious-capitalism or socialism is the way forward. Whether you're on the right, the left, or politically homeless, listen in to find some inspiration on how we can all be better.

What is this story missing? Let us know. >>What is this story missing? Let us know. >>

About the Author

Independent Riot

James Duncan is a fierce advocate for independent-thinking in politics, the author of the "Independent's Guide to Overthrowing the Two-Party System" host of the "Independent Riot" podcast, and publishes on Medium @independme.

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