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Serve America Movement: A Party Built on Mutual Values, Not Strict Ideology

Created: 12 March, 2021
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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On this episode of Toppling the Duopoly, host Shawn Griffiths is joined by former US Rep David Jolly to discuss his party, the Serve America Movement. The SAM Party is a unique political organization as it is founded not on a single ideology, but a celebration of diverse ideologies. It is a party that brings people together who are committed to one agenda: To serve and be accountable to the communities being represented.

Jolly discusses what sets SAM apart from other political parties, both major and minor, and how his party can meet the growing desire among voters to see a viable third option emerge in the US political landscape. Gallup recently found that 62% of US voters believe the GOP and Democratic Party are doing such a bad job that a third party is needed. However, the system has been designed explicitly to prevent competition from emerging to challenge the two major parties, and many third parties, Jolly says, have to this point replicated a major failure point of the parties in power.

Is the SAM model what Americans are looking for in a new party -- especially as Americans are increasingly rejecting strict partisanship in elections and want public officials to work together, across ideological and party lines to put country first? Listen to the episode and decide for yourself.