San Diego Can Make History By Electing Todd Gloria

Created: 19 October, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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When I moved to San Diego more than 50 years ago, the mayor and entire City Council were made up of very conservative Republican white men and you could probably have counted all the police officers of color or female on both hands. Yes, the late Rev. George Walker Smith often called San Diego "the Confederacy of the West Coast" as our city was very segregated.

Now a half century later, not only is the Golden State turning brown but so is California's second largest city, San Diego, with the fastest growing population being the Latino and Asian Pacific Islander communities. As we all know soon the majority of Americans will be people of color and on Nov. 3, America’s Finest City will make history with the election of its first mayor of color, 42-year-old Todd Gloria who is Filliino, Puerto Rican, Native American and Dutch descent and a proud third generation San Diegan.

The entire Gloria Family is truly an example of the American Dream as Todd's mother started out as a maid and his father a gardener who worked hard and in time were able to buy a house.

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Todd has always been a role model since his days in high school where he was a student leader. And how can we ever forget that when San Diego was the laughing stock in jokes on late night talk shows during the Bob Filner mayoral scandal — both the Republican and Democratic councilmembers turned to Todd to clean up City Hall by electing him interim mayor. He has been elected City Council president and his fellow California State Assembly members elected him their majority whip. Todd is one of the most qualified candidates in our city's history to run for mayor.

There are "politicians" and there are "public servants" and Todd has established a solid record of being one of the most hard-working, effective and caring public servants ever to hold public office.

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Todd will also make history as the first mayor who is a renter and the first mayor from the LGBT community. With endorsements from the Democratic Party, the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, law enforcement and neighborhood groups — Todd has a solid record of bringing all San Diegans together as he will definitely be the People's Mayor. His election will also give hope to our growing youth of color as well as LGBT youth.

Now more than ever — especially during this coronavirus pandemic — we need a hands on, true public servant who will care for all San Diegans. Let's make history and elect Todd Gloria for mayor!