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OPINION: Reasons to Vote Republican Have Never Been Clearer Since Lincoln, Reagan, and Teddy Roosevelt

Editor's Note: John Pudner is the President of Take Back Action Fund, which does not endorse candidates. Independent Voter News also does not endorse candidates. The views in this piece are the personal views of the author.

Despite publicly predicting Biden’s election and being independent-minded enough to break with fellow Republicans on a few issues (campaign finance and gerrymandering reform, ranked choice voting and wearing masks), I believe it is more important for independents to vote Republican at any other time in our history except the elections of Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan.

This election will come down to independent voters. The breakdown of early voting indicates Republicans outperformed expectations in early voting, in a year in which the Republican Party reached its highest approval level since just after George W. Bush’s re-election.

Despite the GOP turnout, number-crunchers predict independents – particularly seniors and white women – will give Democrats control of the White House and Senate – which would also leave open the possibility of them packing the court to control all three branches of government. If Democrats gain control of all three branches, it will largely be the result of the unprecedented attempt to control the information Independents receive from a new “information conglomerate.” This includes the corporate media, Twitter/big tech, Hollywood, and academia to reduce themselves to simply a campaign arm of Democratic candidates in 2020.

If you are one of those independent-minded voters, consider two reasons there may never be a more important time for you to vote Republican in your lifetime.

First, the information conglomerate that will be empowered by the politicians they elected to continue to work in near lock-step in a way that cuts off information on future races for the consideration of you as an independent thinker. 

A vote for the information conglomerate goes beyond rewarding their control of the news. It empowers those who tell you what is true. As if control of all branches of government and most of the information via the information conglomerate were not enough, an extra ally in this election is the ridiculous “fact checking” organizations that are almost all funded by the left.

Consider that “Check the Facts” actually worked out of Hillary Clinton’s New York campaign office in 2016. Read liberal-funded “fact checkers'” ridiculous labeling of almost every GOP statement as false and Democratic statement as true and the contorted logic of how they usually reach their predetermined “conclusion.” Having successfully elected their chosen candidate, these "fact checkers" will be in position to constantly claim those candidates-turned-elected officials are in turn “truthful,” and anyone who dares to oppose these newly elected politicians -- from the universities, to their place of worship, to the work place -- is “lying.”

Second, consider the absurdity of the self-righteous argument that it is your moral obligation to give up all your core values to vote against a party because their Presidential candidate is a jerk. 

If you focus on economic issues, you are being told you are morally obligated to put aside your support of job-saving economic policies that were put into practice after the 2016 election. Those policies led to the lowest unemployment rate in our history for women and minorities, levels that the Biden-Obama Administration said were no longer possible. 

If you are socially conservative, you are being told it is your moral responsibility to join Hollywood in voting for the candidate who supports funding for late-term abortions because it would be immoral to instead vote for a jerk who appointed three Supreme Court justices who might allow states to curb some of those extreme practices.

If you vote for national security, you are being told you are morally obligated to oust the first President in decades who enabled our military to focus on specific national security issues such as eliminating a terrorist leader or cyber-attacks from China rather than wear out our military on more than a dozen unofficial endless wars. 

Finally as annoying as it is for Trump to do things like wait until the media leaves to don a mask, and repeat some stupid things about Covid-19, actions speak louder than words. The choice is to vote for his opponents who called him racist for getting ahead of Covid-19 by banning flights from China, and insisting that nursing homes let those with Covid-19 spread it throughout the most vulnerable populations.

The reasons for the independent-minded to vote Republican in 2020 have never been this clear except for 1860, 1904 and 1980.

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John Pudner

John Pudner is the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic, a non-partisan organization that advocates for conservative solutions to campaign finance reform.

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