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Newsletter: Have You Heard About "UnRig it"?

Created: 22 August, 2019
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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Political insiders know what more and more voters are finally waking up to: the political “game” is rigged by both sides.

From “member communications,” to gerrymandering, to systematic attempts to keep anyone who doesn’t toe the party-line from participating in elections, there is a reason voters “don’t matter” to the political class.

But voters are waking up.

In New York City, over 8 million residents could soon adopt ranked choice voting to reduce the “spoiler” effect for independent candidates at the ballot box. Another credible organization just filed to get RCV on the ballot in Massachusetts.

In deep blue California, the Independent Voter Project is challenging voter suppression in presidential primary elections. In Michigan, reformers are pushing back against GOP insiders suing to undo a citizens’ redistricting commission voters overwhelmingly approved in 2018.

And did you hear? In Republican-controlled Florida, more than 550,000 voters are demanding an equal voice in the taxpayer-funded election process by implementing nonpartisan open primaries, which would level the playing field for all voters in one of the nation’s biggest battleground states.

Fact is, when you are an independent-minded voter, pundits ignore us. Primaries exclude us. Political scientists say we are just “closet partisans.”

Nonsense. More than half of the American electorate is sick and tired of both sides of the divisive political system.

That’s why we’ve started the Existence, a monthly giving program that helps us to challenge the partisan establishment on both sides, make lasting election reformpossible, and tell the political class: you can’t ignore us any longer.

Will you join us?

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