Nation's Largest Anti-Corruption Group Celebrates 10 Years in Pro-Democracy Fight

Nation's Largest Anti-Corruption Group Celebrates 10 Years in Pro-Democracy Fight

Created: 04 January, 2022
Last update: 14 August, 2022

RepresentUs, the nation’s largest anti-corruption organization, is celebrating 10 years as one of the pro-democracy movement’s preeminent leaders. In accompaniment with this milestone, the organization also announced a change in leadership roles.

John Silver is passing the CEO torch to RepresentUs Co-Founder Joshuan Graham Lynn, who has served as the group’s president. Silver will continue to serve as executive chair to ensure a smooth transition.

“We are deeply grateful to Josh Silver for having the vision to create RepresentUs, and helping it grow into the nation’s leading right-left pro-democracy organization,” said Jon DeVaan, RepresentUs Board Chair. 

“We are pleased and excited that in Joshua Graham Lynn, we have a terrific leader who is experienced, passionate and smart. We’re grateful for the continuity his commitment to our organization means.”

Over the years, the group has lent its support behind anti-corruption initiatives, anti-gerrymandering measures, open primaries efforts, ranked choice voting campaigns, and hosted the largest gatherings of advocates for a fairer, more competitive, and more equitable political process.

RepresentUs has also provided important online tools for voters to better understand where the system is failing them. In 2020, for instance, it published info on how each state handled absentee voting to better educate voters on their options and important deadlines  in the middle of a pandemic. 

In 2021, it not only published a gerrymandering risk report, but partnered with the Princeton Gerrymandering Project on a Redistricting Report Card to show the pervasive and detrimental problem of partisan gerrymandering. 

“I’m incredibly proud of what this organization has done in a decade thanks to our entire team, the dozens of incredibly talented people who have contributed to its success, and the thousands of supporters who power our work,” stated Silver. 

“While it's never easy for a founder to leave a leadership role, I take comfort in the fact that Josh Lynn is uniquely qualified and equipped to lead RepresentUs to its next chapter.”

RepresentUs recognizes the dire state the democratic process is in right now. Even as pro-democracy and pro-voter efforts rack up historic victories, the state of hyper-polarization and incendiary rhetoric has created an ever-present powder keg. 

“The tragic anniversary of January 6 reminds us that we’re still in a perilous moment for America’s democracy. But amid all the extremism and gridlock, there is a path forward. In my new role, I remain committed to our mission of bringing Americans of all political stripes together to put country over party and save our democracy, and ensuring that RepresentUs is a beacon of hope in leading those efforts,” said Lynn. 

“I thank Josh Silver sincerely for being a partner in making sure we are set for success in the future, and look forward to empowering our exceptionally talented staff to lead the way.”

In a press release Tuesday, RepresentUs stated it will continue to harness “the power of the pro-democracy movement” to get federal legislation passed that would protect and strengthen voting rights, fight for fairer electoral maps in several states, and focus on protecting elections in key battleground states. 

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