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National Conversation Project wants to keep you engaged during pandemic

Created: 23 March, 2020
Updated: 14 August, 2022
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As social distancing forces more isolation on an already fractured nation, one of the leading organizations behind civil dialogue is developing programming to keep people connected.

The National Conversation Project, a coalition of more than 300 organizations that develops virtual and in-person programming to help bridge divides through listening and sharing, launched the #WeavingCommunities effort this week to help people keep communicating during the coronavirus shutdown.

"Americans often rise to common challenges like this with kindness, love, mutual support, and shared responsibility to endure together," writes Pearce Godwin, executive director of the National Conversation Project. "We need community now more than ever. Although our nation's social fabric is badly frayed by distance and division, together we can weave a strong social fabric and emerge healthy and united."

The organization encourages people to:

  • Follow the #WeavingCommunity hashtag and share their own stories.
  • Join or host a phone call or join a virtual conversation.
  • Perform acts of kindness.

The organization is offering prompts to get you started