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Toppling The Duopoly

Majority Winners Should Be Decided When The Most Voters Participate

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On this episode of Toppling The Duopoly, election reform expert Shawn Griffiths is joined by Andrew Allison of Austinites for Progressive Reform, a group with 4 reform proposals on the city's May 1 ballot that would transform how city elections and government operate. One of the propositions, Prop E, would implement ranked choice voting, which Allison said is needed to eliminate low turnout December runoffs where elections end up being decided by a marginal percentage of voters.

In order to ensure accountable and fair elections, we need elections that are decided by a majority when the most voters participate.

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About the Author

Shawn Griffiths

Shawn is an election reform expert and National Editor of He studied history and philosophy at the University of North Texas. He joined the IVN team in 2012.

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