Lawsuit FILED: Voters v. California Secretary of State

Created: 25 July, 2019
Updated: 15 August, 2022
2 min read

“No taxation without representation.”

That was the battle cry for Freedom that fueled the American revolution.

Yet, today, the interests of private political parties are put ahead of “We, the People.” That is why the Independent Voter Project (IVP) just filed a voting rights lawsuit against the State of California.

From paragraph 18 of the Complaint:

"To add insult to the nonpartisan voters’ injury, the semi-closed presidential primary is paid for by taxpayers and administered by public officials...In this case, it should go without argument, that a semi-closed primary gives private political parties and their loyal members a decided advantage in the public election process."

Read the full complaint here.

For years, IVP has offered the legislature a simple solution that protects the rights of voters without infringing on the rights of political parties.

Instead, the California legislature has allowed widespread voter confusion and disenfranchisement to continue.

No more!

Already, more than 11,000 voters have signed the petition to demand full access to California’s taxpayer-funded presidential primary. Sign the Petition Today!

Stay tuned for more updates! And if you haven’t already, please consider a monthly contribution of any size.

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