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KUSI News, CALMatters Feature IVP Lawsuit to Open CA's Presidential Primary

Created: 24 July, 2019
Updated: 15 August, 2022
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San Diego’s KUSI News interviewed IVP attorney Chad Peace on the lawsuit against the California secretary of state. Peace discusses not only the lawsuit, but the solution that IVP proposed years ago that would have prevented the need for legal action.

ICYMI: We're Suing the CA Secretary of State

“How do we have a taxpayer-funded, a taxpayer-administered system, the most important political dialogue we have with the voters of this state, and then tell a class of voters … that you somehow have a less right to participate in that taxpayer-funded primary?” - Chad Peace

Lawsuit: California should open its presidential primary to independents

By Ben Christopher, CALMatters

Great coverage from CALMatters. A couple of inaccuracies, but we are working on educating the media on the purpose and importance of our lawsuit against the California secretary of state and opening the California presidential primaries to all voters.