Calling All Independents: The Time for a Revolution is Now

Created: 25 November, 2015
Updated: 18 October, 2022
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If there was ever a time for someone to step forward and run for president as an independent, now is the time! We had two independents leading in the polls for the Republican and Democratic nominations.

Sure, Bernie Sanders is a socialist-leaning independent. I know he calls himself a Progressive, but he has been elected many times in Vermont as an independent. I do not know why he did not run as an independent. Then we have Donald Trump, a business/reality TV personality who is running as a Republican that considers himself independent.

However, both fall short of a leader we need for our country. First, they are not running as independents. More importantly, can we trust them or anyone who would try to join a political party just for their nomination?

With Bernie Sanders, I understand he is making his political points. He would have had the same if not more of a chance to make his points running -- as he always has -- as an independent!

The Donald obviously has what an independent running for president needs most -- money and a name people know. However, he is not what our country needs for our future - not by a long shot.

In a country that has all that we have, this is what we are putting forth to lead us?

Six months ago, I thought the Democrats would nominate Hillary Clinton and the Republicans would nominate Jeb Bush -- that still may happen. I thought once they were nominated, the people would say enough is enough and demand better, and an Independent Revolution would be born.

What has happened with Trump and Sanders is the people have started the Revolution a little early -- we just didn't know it.

However, we can still do something real with all this political unrest to truly start an Independent Movement. We need to somehow come together and find a leader soon for our country.

There has been some recent talk of candidates who may be ready to lead and run as an independent-- let's hope. That leader has to have the vision and wisdom that will help lead our country into a future where it is more important to represent the people and not just a political party.

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Independent Always,

John Valianti

One of the proud founders of the Massachusetts Independent Party

P.S. What I would suggest is that 5 to 10 Independent leaders from each state come together ASAP for a National Independent Meeting/Convention, "Calling all Independents!"

We can pick any city -- New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago or Boston! The independent leaders from each state will have to be ready to put in a weekend to start the Independent Revolution! This meeting should not adjourn until we have an Independent Ticket for the presidency of the United States of America!

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