CA Recall Election: Should Newsom Stay or Should He Go?

CA Recall Election: Should Newsom Stay or Should He Go?

Created: 26 August, 2021
Last update: 14 August, 2022

September 14, 2021 is the day California voters decide the fate of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in a special recall election, only the fourth ever held in the US. Absentee ballots were due out by August 16. If you’re not sure what this recall election is all about, or whether you should vote for or against keeping him in office, Represent San Diego has put together this quick reference to provide you with the information you need to make a decision.

The Big Picture

The following articles provide an overview of the recall election process and the history of recall elections in California. Start here to find out why California has recall elections and how they work.

Pros and Cons

The reasons for and against recalling Gavin Newsom.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Alternatives to Newsom

Who can you vote for to replace Newsom? Whether you vote for or against the recall, you can also choose an alternate candidate. There are quite a few.

Follow the Money

Who is putting money where their mouth is in the recall? There’s plenty on both sides.

What the Polls Say

The Potential Consequences

If he’s recalled, what then? The results could be felt nationwide.

Is the Recall Unconstitutional?

History of Recalls in California

Who has been recalled in the past, when and with what result.

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