PODCAST: Will Californians Finally Get An Open Presidential Primary in 2020?

Created: 22 May, 2019
Updated: 17 October, 2022
1 min read

California is headed for a disastrous presidential primary in 2020. Nearly 6 million registered citizens are denied a meaningful vote. Half a million voters have no idea they are registered with a third party, meaning they cannot cast a ballot for any candidate outside that party. Many voters will be confused. Millions more will be disenfranchised.

It happened in 2016. It will happen again in 2020, unless something changes.

I sat down with Independent Voter Project attorney Chad Peace to discuss IVP’s solution to ensure ALL registered California citizens get a meaningful vote in the presidential primary process. It’s called a public ballot, and it would mean independent voters get more than a blank piece of paper for the presidential primary election.

It’s a sensible, common sense solution that protects the rights of voters and political parties. But will lawmakers continue to resist nonpartisan reform? Or, will they finally give voters an open presidential primary like the California Constitution requires?

Be sure to leave any comments, questions, feedback in the comment section. Thanks for listening, and as always… stay independent.

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