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Maryland's GOP Governor Rejects Party-First Politics; Votes for Independent Senate Candidate

by Shawn M. Griffiths, published

ANNAPOLIS, MD. -  Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has cast his ballot for US Senate. However, he did not vote for Republican nominee Tony Campbell. He voted for independent candidate Neal Simon.

Simon released the following statement in response to the governor's vote:

“I am pleased to have earned Gov. Hogan’s vote. I believe we have much in common in our desire to govern from the middle to achieve great things for our state and our country. The governor’s non-partisan leadership is a great example of what can happen when our leaders put the interests of its citizens above partisan loyalty. He has brought Marylanders together on common ground, achieving big benefits for our great state’s economy, environment and education. I will do the same in the U.S. Senate if Marylanders elect me on Nov. 6.”

Simon added in a phone conversation with me that he believed Governor Hogan agrees with him that the state "needs leadership in Washington that is focused on bringing the country together and getting things done for the people of Maryland."

He cites Hogan's own record of working across the partisan aisle with Democrats in the legislature, leading in a bipartisan manner on important issues like health care, education, protecting the Chesapeake Bay, and more.

Simon says he wants to bring the same type of leadership to Washington. He has spoken to thousands of voters in Maryland, and says there is so much energy out there for what his campaign is trying to accomplish.

"I'm trying to represent the bulk of the American people who feel politically homeless, who don't identify with the far left or the far right, and there are a lot of them out there," he said.

"Maryland voters have two choices. They can choose more of the same, and elect someone who will follow their party leader, and contribute to the partisan brawl. Or, they can elect an independent voice for the people of Maryland, who will represent them rather than a party boss."

The most recent poll in the race -- released on October 11 by Gonzales Research & Media Services -- showed Simon at 18 percent, up 10 points from 3 weeks earlier. There is no indication how voters cast their votes during the early voting period that is coming to a close, but Simon remains optimistic.

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